Hello, you who stumbled upon this deck!


This is a Temur deck, with a very apparent dragon theme, featuring independently strong creatures and ramp, which should help you get into the late game where you either combo Doubling Season into Sarkhan Unbroken where either Scourge of Valkas and/or Dragon Tempest will execute the OTK or Xenagos, the Reveler for a big swing turn, since this deck is fairly creature heavy and with relatively high stats. The deck can play out without ever using Doubling Season and is merely a deck featuring 6 cards that can be used for an insane combo. If you do end up drawing Doubling Season and are able to play it but you don't draw your planeswalkers until later, cards like Verix Bladewing, Taurean Mauler, Kargan Dragonlord and even Sarkhan Unbroken and Xenagos, the Reveler, if already played, will still be able to use its abilities.


The reason for the creation of this deck is that I started playing MTG in the commander format with the Draconic Dominance which displayed my huuuge love for dragons. After playing commander and trying to get into "Casual/Modern" I visited Japan, where I happened to find a bunch of cards that were extremely cheap. I then saw two Doubling Season for 25 dollars and I knew I had to buy them. I was already inspired at that moment by a superfriends deck I'd seen, although I did not want to go all in with the planeswalkers, but merely include the theme that superfriends have.


I think the main problem with this deck, is that I try to go in too many directions, and therefore doing a little bit of everything sort of bad. There is a very clear challenge in having most of my devotion to red, but having Birds of Paradise, which preferably should be played on turn 1. I've only played for a few months so my card pool is very limited, which shows very much in some aspects of this deck. But please write suggestions if you have any since most of you have much more experience and knowledge than me - that is partly why I'm sharing this deck.


This deck is for very casual play since I'm only playing with a few friends who've either played a little less or a little more than me. The deck is still very much in progress of creation, and I'm simply trying to figure out how to go around this deck the best so any sort of help is much appreciated!


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