Crackling Perimeter


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Crackling Perimeter


Tap an untapped Gate you control: Crackling Perimeter deals 1 damage to each opponent.

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Crackling Perimeter Discussion

What4joke on Mazes end

2 weeks ago

It's a nice thought, but im afraid of how slow the deck is. Especially for the legacy format. First off, if you want to defend yourself actually you will need SOME counters. Ghost Quarter, and any other card that destroys lands will ruin your day. A Mill deck would be a nightmare opponent. If you're set on the gimmick win I would recommend also including some more mass removal than you have already, like Wrath of God. with only 14 instants I dont think you will be able to consistently halt damage so you need board wipes. another perceived problem is that since all your lands enter tapped (and are all different colors), you may find yourself unable to play the cards you need at the time they're needed and you'll always be a tempo behind. That said I like the choice of Amulet of Vigor. It's just too easy to have a bad draw and tough getting the right mix of available colors since most of your stuff is green, blue and white. you make no use of the black mana. I would highly recommend something that makes your creatures indestructible, paired with Platinum Angel as further protection since you'll likely spend some time on the brink of death. But maybe that would be rough considering 7 mana is a big ask for you on turn 8. I would also take out Crackling Perimeter since it kinda sucks and it distracts from your win condition plus you really need that mana for other stuff. instead run the full playset of Exploration. I'd want 4 of those just for consistency sake. Planeswalkers are probably your friend because they absorb some attacks if your opponent wants them gone. so maybe you want more of them. Kiora is a great choice and I'd say go for others that also generate tokens like Elspeth Tirel, plus she has a board wipe and you'd like to boost your consistency in drawing them. Eh, who knows dude it might work great! I'd have to play a couple games with it to give better advice, but thats my 2 cents from looking at it for 5 mins. I will say it seems like all that defense could really frustrate an opponent if you get all your men in line right!

Livingham on Wincons for 5c land deck

1 month ago

As stated before, Maze's End is the best option. I would recommend not running cards like Gatecreeper Vine though, as soon as your opponents see you fetching specifically for gates, they'll realize what you're trying to do and either focus you or blow up your lands. In my experience, Scapeshift alone is the way to go seeing as it's easy to ramp to 10 lands and get an easy win. Going along with the gate theme, Crackling Perimeter is a lot of fun especially when run with Seedborn Muse; if you decide to use the perimeter then it might be a good idea to use cards like gatecreeper vine after all so you can get as much damage across as possible every turn.

Genju of the Realm is also a fun card to play and, while not a win condition, people will often forget about and let you get across a good bit of damage with it. Door of Destinies is a good wincon (not automatic win but taking the biggest threat out of the game more often than not leads to a win) to abuse the fact that you have a lot of mana and access to all colors, but it's not necessarily land themed and you probably already know about it; you definitely want to include Amulet of Vigor for the ability to use it the turn you play it, but the amulet should be included regardless because it lets you instantly win with scapeshift.

As far as the commander goes, I would recommend Cromat considering he serves as a good mana sink. I run a charm themed deck with him at the helm and the deck's potential to produce mana synergizes incredibly well with cromat. Dumping any excess red and white mana you have into his buff ability allows him to get big fast, especially with cards like Might of the Nephilim, Civic Saber, and Finest Hour, and it's actually fairly common to deal 21 commander damage to someone in a single turn.

CSwissEllis7 on It'll A-Maze You: Maze's End Turbo Fog

1 month ago

It's a gate deck. Gate decks need Crackling Perimeter.

BirdClaw on Maze's End

3 months ago

There are better fogs, also having an alternative win con is always a good idea. Crackling Perimeter is really good and combos well with cards that untap your land every upkeep.

Dorotheus on maze's end 2.0

4 months ago

I helped build my friend's Maze's End deck a while back and it was a lot stronger than we thought. We didn't try to do the Primeval Titan route but it was a consideration. Two things we ended up finding out were that Amulet of Vigor and Crackling Perimeter were absolute musts.

Recently, I decided that instead of copying his deck I just wanted to try it completely on my own. So I ended up with At the End of the Tunnel.

denijsx90 on Labyrinth of dementia

7 months ago

I did have Gatecreeper Vine in for a bit. But he was a weak, limited wall.. people just walked past him. And while I do get to search for gates, they don't come onto the field. Immediately.. so it doesn't fix my manan the way I need it to, when I need it to. So I switched to Sylvan Caryatid a stronger, harder to remove wall, that increases mana production immediately. That said, it does slow down that third win condition. I've only pulled it off a couple times. But it's pretty sneaky for those long games. I used it with Crackling Perimeter but found it too slow.

I switched out for Freed from the Real again, thank you. Excellent catch. I'm glad I can still transmute for it too

grandmaaaaa on Gatekeepers

8 months ago

I used to run Crackling Perimeter and various jank "untap lands every upkeep" cards in emperor to salt people out of the format. Hope that helps

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