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The Capitol Building Raid

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These are very traumatic times and many of us agree that Trump has gone too far, I have decided to try and lighten up the mood a bit with a mockery of Trump and a representation of the raid. I know that the raid is no laughing matter and this deck is no reason to believe that its funny or interesting and racist and anti-homosextual comments are not okay but I feel that we still need some happiness in our day and if this makes you laugh give an Upvote (or a downvote if thats possible, because the raid was the worst thing ever)
I have sorted my complete jank into categories, trump followers who are well the rioters themselves, trumps encouragement which is trump saying to raid the capitol building, aftermath which is what happened after the riot, and what the message. Plus the Cheeto Himself which is Rakdos, Lord of Riots and Aurelia, the Warleader Karona, false president (actually Karona, False Godand so on. Aaaand the po-po who are well, the police. (also I added in The Good Stuff We Did Not Give Up, The Angry Lawmakers, and what DID NOT HAPPEN.
Also a lot of things say or have to do with loot and just were kind of working. I added in some cards such as Black Ward that meant some of the messages the rioters were sending but I hated putting in, and I almost did not but even though this is mean tfor the comedy it also has to be a realistic representation of the situation, I wish that Black Ward was not part of this deck but it has to be. I also added in a lot of things and talking directly or indirectly about war, I could see another civil war but it mostly means the "war" at the capitol building.


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