While this deck appears to be a simple token deck at first, your opponents will quickly find their creatures... slip away from them.

Oko's +1 and his -5 encourage you to have a bunch of small creatures to trade away and transform into 3/3s. This deck doubles down on that and includes multiple other fun ways to merge the token and stealing strategy. Perhaps my favorite might be Infinite Reflection , but why not throw in some Djinn of Infinite Deceits and Beguiler of Wills while you're at it!

However, as you might have noticed, Oko's ult requires the creature to have power less than 3. This is where our signature spell Downsize comes in which can double as a sudo-fog effect if you don't actually need to use it for stealing. Oh, and don't turn a blind eye to Merfolk Thaumaturgist who can turn your signature spell into a removal spell!


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