A fun casual budget modern Rakdos card draw/combo/burn/storm deck

The idea is to use Blood Funnel and Heartless Summoning to cast a ton of cards for cheap or free.

My main goal with the deck has been to maximize card draw. I'm a newbie deck builder so I'd greatly appreciate any tips and comments!

Version 1.0 - RED or X card X = no longer relevant

Blood Funnel seems to be well suited for uncountable burn spells like X Banefire X, Inescapable Blaze , and Urza's Rage ) since they both get around the downside, and have the added bonus of dodging the opponent's counters as well. Brimstone Volley is a little more situational, but with Blood Funnel it becomes -> , Sacrifice a creature: Burn for 5.

Heartless Summoning makes both Myr Retriever and Perilous Myr free to cast and allows them to combo into a free 4 points of burn. X Dutiful Attendant X and Filigree Familiar function as cheap sacrifice fodder that fuel recursion and card draw with a little incidental life gain. Grim Haruspex and Midnight Reaper use the recursion to fuel a ton of card draw. Myr Retriever also combos with Heartless Summoning , X Altar of the Brood X and a second copy of itself in the graveyard as an infinite mill combo, or with Grim Haruspex for infinite card draw.

X Diabolic Tutor X can search up appropriate combo pieces, and allows us to run fewer copies of Blood Funnel and Heartless Summoning , which are not good in multiples. It also grabs Altar of the Brood and Myr Retriever to complete the mill combo. It's even better if Blood Funnel is already in play and we need to grab Heartless Summoning . It's also the least expensive of the black tutors, to help keep the deck cost down.

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The biggest shift I've made for this version is bumping up Heartless Summoning to a full set of 4 and demoting Blood Funnel down to 2. The more I play with the deck, the more obvious it's become that Heartless Summoning is the real catalyst that drives what the deck is trying to do: pump out a ton of cheap creatures that accelerate card draw when they die to draw into win conditions. Blood Funnel plays a more minor role allowing the deck to pump out a ton of burn spells to finish the opponent off in the late game, it wants to be played after Heartless Summoning. I think this calls for officially renaming the deck Heartless Funnel to reflect the relative importance of these cards.

The other big change is the addition of Quicksmith Genius, which provides a repeatable source of rummaging and acts sort of like a red version of Grim Haruspex, with a slight upside of giving us the choice of whether to rummage or not. This addition also made going up to a full set of 4 Filigree Familiar feel like the right call.

Finally, I removed 2 Urza's Rage in favor of Brimstone Volley since the latter has proven far more useful than I initially thought. I also got rid of Necrotic Plague and Vicious Shadows since, while they are interesting interactions, they are both expensive and highly situational. I also decided to keep Grapeshot at 3 copies, since it has proven useful as both as a midgame spell to deal with problematic creatures, and of course as a finisher to draw into once the combo is assembled.

I'm pretty happy with how the deck has evolved over the past week, now back to do some more playtesting :)


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