combining all the awesome affinity cards into one list

Deck Tech:

Affinity has been a boogeyman of the pauper format for as long as i can remember. while heavy hitters like Atog and Disciple of the Vault are no longer legal, the deck is still a tier-1 powerhouse and is surprisingly flexible.


These are the cards that technically give the list its name. Myr Enforcer is shockingly fast a free 4/4 and Thoughtcast is doing its best Ancestral Recall impression. While not actual affinity cards, these cards are in theme with wanting an army of artifacts: Metallic Rebuke can use our artifacts that normally just sit there like Blood Fountain to be a 1 mana counterspell and Myrsmith(which is legal idk why tappedOut says otherwise) lets each artifact we play also spawn a 1/1 myr.


This has been a core package for affinity for a while now. These cards provide a never ending supply of draw. Ichor Wellspring and Chromatic Star both give us draw when sacrificed to Reckoner's Bargain and Deadly Dispute, with the latter of each also providing good color-fixing(important in a 4 color deck). Blood Fountain not only gives us a great BOGO deal on artifacts, it can also be sacrificed if the long-term value it provides isnt needed. Kuldotha Rebirth lets us turn an artifact into a small goblin army and Makeshift Munitions lets us turn our entire board into artillery.


There are plenty of strong effects to finish off the list. Kenku Artificer gives us 2 bodies and is especially deadly in tandem with any of the bridge lands as they have indestructible. Blacksmith's Skill doubles as a good buff spell and a good protection spell. Rally the Peasants is pretty a-typical in affinity lists but as my list pushes the token theme this works as a nice closer(and can be discarded to Blood Fountain's blood token and still used later).

as always any feedback, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated and if you liked this deck check out some of my others -> jonjonhholt


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-1 Kenku Artificer main
+2 Metallic Rebuke main
+4 Myr Enforcer main
+2 Razortide Bridge main
+2 Reckoner's Bargain main
+3 Rustvale Bridge main
+4 Seat of the Synod main
+4 Thoughtcast main
+4 Vault of Whispers main
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