Ok! After months of trial and error it's finally here! My go to elf deck to play in Standard or Arena. My motto for this deck is don't look back. We can ramp up elves and cast so many of them because of their low mana cost I've put an emphasis on card draw to counter the inevitable board wipes. We want to impose our will on our opponents and not worry about countering them. Let them worry about our elves and power.

The goal of the deck is to quickly ramp up mana to pump up the elves and deal damage! We can do this by having Elvish Warmaster to create elf tokens for defense while we ramp up with cards like Circle of Dreams Druid. One combo I love is tapping Circle of Dreams Druid to play, Tyvar Kell and then uptapping her for another round of mana to pump the elves with Warmaster. Another one of my favorites is having enough tokens or elves on the field to win the game without attacking! When you have 10 elves on the field just start using Skemfar Shadowsage for direct damage and finish your opponent off.

There is no regeneration, prevent damage spells in this deck. We don't look back - only forward! We use black and our life as a tool with cards like Blood Pact to keep cards in our hands in case of a board wipe and Infernal Grasp for removal. I'm currently experimenting with Cosmos Elixir - I like the constant draw this can provide.

Hope you guys enjoy it! If you have any suggestions please drop them in the comments. Always open to hearing them. Thank you!


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