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Tinkering Around... In Modern?

Modern* Combo W/U (Azorius)


So, recently, I was poring over card lists, and I saw the beautiful card that is Shape Anew. It was a wonderful piece of design in that you would always have a chance of flipping up an artifact that you had included in the deck as sacrifice fodder- therefore, it was unbreakable.

Except for one slight exception.

Some cards produce artifact tokens. These do not count as part of your 60 card deck, and therefore you can sacrifice tokens to get out the single artifact that you are playing. This deck is designed to exploit that.

Note that this deck is my all-in build. You may be able to play the same engine in a different build.

Shape Anew Artwork

Shape Anew: Other than deck building restrictions, the other disadvantages are that it costs one more mana, the artifact can be killed in response and that your opponent learns most of your deck. It is important that you dodge disruption. We'll get to that later.

Master's Call: Produces two tokens to sacrifice for Shape Anew. You probably never knew that this card existed before now.

Whirler Rogue: Drawbacks: costs 4 mana, sorcery speed. Positives: gives your big creature evasion, baits removal! Sadly, the negatives throw you off curve and off tempo, so only 1.

Theater Token Artwork

Inkwell Leviathan: The reason why I run this in the mainboard is because of the massive base stats, shroud, and two forms of evasion. This is great against any deck, but land this against a control deck and nothing short of a sweeper can save them. Also, we have ways to make sure things stick.

Sphinx of the Steel Wind: Land this against most aggressive decks and they can't win if they don't do so immediately. It is also impossible to kill in Jund except for with Liliana, against which you can sacrifice a token or counter it instead. Fun fact.

Blightsteel Colossus: He wins against fair decks which don't run exile effects. Also good against some variants of control. Another thing that I like about him is that he shuffles back into your library if anything goes wrong.

It is important to note that you shouldn't keep a hand with your win-con in it because it can lead to blowouts like Thoughtseize. Likewise, if your win-con dies, unless the opponent kills themselves, it pretty much impossible to win. These situations do not matter if the win-con you chose was Blightsteel, but it is generally bad practice to allow it to happen in either case.

HE'S ANGRY... I mean, Blightsteel Colossus Artwork.

Self-explanatory. You need to find the combo, so we play card filtering. There are two notable examples that I will mention briefly.

Gitaxian Probe: Very useful for seeing if the Seachrome Coast is clear, and it costs nothing, too.

See Beyond: The reason why I include this is to shuffle back my win-con if I draw it, and draw two isn't that bad.

Gitaxian Probe Artwork

Disruption is crucial to help your combo go through. Funnily enough, it also lets you live long enough to resolve it.

The only disruption of note is Disrupting Shoal. Similar to Force of Will but not quite as good, this is still reasonable so that we don't lose while tapped out. We also have a wide range of spells from CMC 1-4, so it isn't so bad.


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