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Hello again everyone!

So last Friday I saw a newer member of our shop cast a Smallpox on a Black Cat , and a little siren went off in my head... I MUST make a mono-black Pox deck, and it will be brutal.

It would allow me to finally play with Lashwrithe and Phyrexian Obliterator. I plan to take this deck to FNM so any insight would be sick.

Playtest it and lemme know what you think!

(I sideboard obliterator if I know my opponent is experienced and would normally sideboard in removal such as Oblivion Ring or If the have kill spells that don't do damage.)

Took 1st place tonight.

Almost got destroyed by F-Rites (French Rites) because my deck was helping it! Luckily I traded out all of the cards that discard for more of an aggro approach. I won by the skin of my teeth.

This deck must be tried by any black lovers!

Good Luck!

Took 1st again at 3 different hobby shops now!

I'm so happy I actually made a deck that owns and is almost all my idea!

I'm 12/0 wins now!

Didn't get much sleep tonight, so sadly my streak has been tarnished!

I am now 14/2 >:(

Decided my sideboard desperately needed Surgical Extraction over Cemetery Reaper.


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