I wanted to make an enchantment deck based around Sphere of Safety and Bruna, Light of Alabaster. It turned into a bit of a lock down deck. Then it morphed into this.

Still need sideboard help. Thinking about some board wipes.

+1's and comments appreciated!


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Took this deck to FNM this Friday, I did not do well.

Match 1: I was up against a jank Bant control deck.

Game1: The first game took a very long time, we were both throwing down detention spheres and o-rings and I was throwing down martial laws and even got the curse of exhaustion down, and I got him down to about 3 life and was sitting pretty at 17 life. Then he got rid of the Curse and played Sphinx's Revelation for a lot and throw down too many things. He took game 1.

Game 2: I got out a Fencing Ace with a spectral flight and an Ethereal Armor and swung in for ten. He got rid of it. I dropped a Geist, and threw a couple enchantments on him and eventually swung in for the game.

Game 3: I got mana screwed and he took the game easily.

Match 2: I got a buy.

Match 3: I was up against G/W Martial Law deck.

He won 2-0 because I had mana issues both games.

Match 4: I went up against a U/R Mid-Range.

Game 1: I won with a Fencing Ace and a Geist, he also had some mana issues.

Game 2: This was a close battle all the way through, he won with a combo involving two Guttersnipes a Pillar of Flame and a Syncopate for 0 for the win.

Game 3: Another close round, I couldn't draw creatures all I could get were martial laws, and other enchantments, land and a creature every so often. He eventually got enough board presence to sweep throw all my enchatments for the game and the match.

What I am changing:I am going to be removing the Dungeon Geists and the Righteous Authortiys for different cards. I am going to try out New Prahv Guildmage and Azorius Charm.

The Dungeon Geist were, more often then not, just a dead card in my hand, and Fiend Hunters were just so much better.

As for the Righteous Authoritys, I just really wanted them to be good, but they weren't helpful at all. There are far better cards to put in place of them.

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