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Rakdos Aggro Goodstuff

CREATURES: Aggro, all multicolored so Jund Hackblade and Grixis Grimblade are guaranteed to activate, plus Fists of the Demigod fully upgrades each creature. We'll list all the creatures below.

  • Manaforge Cinder: lets us filter lands, so even if we start with a shit all swamp hand we can still work without using a mulligan. Be careful game two however, if the opponent recognizes that you're using this creature to keep bad opening hands they might choose to kill it asap, leaving you mana-screwed unless you draw into another land you need.

  • Rakdos Shred-Freak: Just a basic haste beater

  • Goblin Deathraiders: Just a basic trample, but works really well with Madcap Skills and Fists of the Demigod

  • Jund Hackblade: As long as you have one other creature on the field you get a 3/2 haste for 2 mana, sounds good

  • Grixis Grimblade: As long as you have one other creature on the field you get a 3/2 deathtouch for 2 mana, sounds good

INSTANTS/SORCERYS/ENCHANTMENTS: Damage/Hand Hate/Buff Creatures, list below

  • Lightning Bolt: If you're running red and you don't have this, you're not running red. Lets us hit their face or kill a 3 toughness creature cheaply

  • Terminate: Kill things, added benefit of cancelling regeneration

  • Blightning: good damage and hand disruption for a relatively low cost, helps slow down decks like delver and affinity

  • Duress: helps slow down instant and sorcery heavy decks

  • Demonic Dread: synergizes well with Madcap Skills and gives us a free thing

  • Madcap Skills: Huge power spike turn two, makes our creatures evasive while enabling them to do a lot of damage over time if not dealt with

  • Fists of the Demigod: gives all our creatures +2/+2, wither, and first strike. The first strike is more important than the wither obviously, but the wither isn't bad since we'll be constantly swinging with our creatures and if a creature enchanted with this is blocked without killing the defender, at least that defender will be a lot smaller and less of a threat in subsequent turns

LANDS: Looming Spires gives a boost to one of our creatures for a turn, even better if that creature is already enchanted with Madcap Skills. What's more is that we can bounce Looming Spires back to our hand with Rakdos Carnarium so we can use it again on another turn. We're only running 4 slow lands because this is an aggro deck, and Manaforge Cinder will make the negative effects of Looming Spires and Rakdos Carnarium less damaging in the early game.


  • Red Elemental Blast: Pauper has a lot of popular blue decks, so this is a must to protect our creatures, as well as slowing down our enemies

  • Smash to Smithereens: Affinity is also popular is pauper, so this lets us control their board a little while also doing damage to fit our aggro theme

  • Echoing Decay: Many pauper decks run multiples of the same staple creatures, so this helps to clear their board. Hits Delver of Secrets  , Kiln Fiend, Frogmite, your various elves, etc.

  • Flaring Pain: This stops decks from preventing our damage, and we get two uses out of it because it has flashback. This is mostly in here because my friend plays a blue/green Fog deck, but it also stops people from using Circle of Protection: Red or Circle of Protection: Black on us

  • Hymn to Tourach: A powerful hand hate card, discarding 2 RANDOM cards for 2 mana is very disruptive. The only downside is that it's 2 black, but again, this shouldn't be a problem due to Manaforge Cinder (I'm aware that this may not be legal in paper but i haven't bothered to change it yet, any suggestions for alternatives are appreciated)

And that's the deck currently. Any suggestions/comments/concerns are appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

  • Derek


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