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So this is my first time posting a deck anywhere online, hope I don't disappoint. I'd love to hear comments/advice but please read the description fully before mentioning a couple key cards I know you'll mention.

Curious about the deck name?

I made this deck primarily to deal with 2 really annoying decks my friends have. One guy plays WUBRG Slivers and the other plays W/U Merfolk... or as of late a deck focused on Winter Orb. I was tired of losing so I decided to build a deck they can't out-pace/control. This is the modern reformation of that deck.


Above all else when I design a deck I factor in theme. My VERY FIRST deck I ever made was an Eldrazi deck containing only cards I could cast with Wastes (then, the only type of land in the deck). Every card also had to be related to Eldrazi. I have since updated it (plays much better now <3) but have never budged on this principle of the TRUE colorless Eldrazi.

Why did I bring all that up?

To help explain why this deck is bad. You may have noticed this is a Modern Naya Burn deck that contains NO Goblin Guide's or Monastery Swiftspear's. In my (probably wrong) opinion, those cards do not embody burn. To me burn is not won through combat damage but rather through spells. To follow up a Lightning Bolt with an attack by Monastery Swiftspear devalues the theme/identity I want this deck to have. I understand that they are optimal, but I don't like 'em.

But then why do I have creatures at all?

Vexing Devil is a fun turn 1 into both my friends decks, also he feels like a burn spell. Satyr Firedancer is really cool thematically and lets you damage face AND board at the same time. Boros Reckoner is a wizard and his flavor text is silly :) ...also Skred. Whatever, I don't need to explain myself to you :P

How it's played

Mulligan if you don't have Arctic Flats... not a great strategy, I know. Honestly though she drives exactly how you would expect. Save your instants to cast on your opponents turn, focus damage to face unless you can't. Most importantly though is have fun. While I did make an effort to maintain some competitive viability, this is a "casual" deck not meant to win tournaments. The only reason I bothered to make it modern legal is so that when I play against randoms at the local shop I don't feel bad for using Price of Progress.

Have an opinion?

Tell me what you think, that's why I bothered to post this. Just keep what I've mentioned in mind when make card recommendations please.


Updates Add

I have removed Searing Blood entirely from the deck in favor of Volcanic Fallout. I also decided to throw in in 2 Brushland at the expense of 2 Snow-Covered Mountain in order to hopefully unlock a lot of turn 2s. I also forgot somehow that Deflecting Palm exists so now I need to figure out what I don't need/want.



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