1st Match: Mirror Delver - Same person i played last week. Our first game took 36 minutes. It was such an epic battle. Second turn of the game I extracted his snags that he Thought Scoured (i hate Thought Scour. Next turn flashed it back to extract Delver. All in all I was at 4 life and he was at 1. He had a Pike on Snappy and I was chump blocking with spirits. I ended up top decking a Snappy to flash vapor back for lethal. We ran out of time so i got the win.

2nd Match: W/G Humans - Scary match up. First game I dismembered his mayor and extracted it. The following turn I dismembered Silverblade and flash extracted it. I flashed in angel to suicide block his crusader. He had no more creatures and I won. Next game I had two Delvers flip by turn 3 and it was gg.

3rd Match: R/G Aggro- First game, turn 2 sword. Swinging with it on a Bird by turn 3 and it was a matter of time. Second game was a classic Delver Beatdown. Third game I made a huge misplay by not activating Timely before I attacked. Cost me the game.

4th Match: B/W Exalted - Destroyed him. First game Delver and Splicer Beatdown. Second game I made 7 drake tokens.

1st Match: B/R Curses - I was not expecting this. He got curse-of-misfortune on me turn 4 and there was nothing I could do. I sideboarded and waited to counter the cards he needed and had Celestial Purges ready. I crushed his the next two games.

2nd Match: U/B Zombies - Rough match-up. He killed me first game with Cavern protecting all his messengers. Sideboarded about ten cards and did much better. Talrand, The Sky Summoner got there the next two games. This was another reason I upped my Purges to four. I kept Vapor Snagging and swinging with all those pretty little drakes.

3rd Match: Delver Mirror - Before the match he told me Talrand was a waste of space. LoL. I love the mirror match-up ever since I added Talrand. There's no way to deal with all the drakes. Game one it was straight fireworks. I swung for 14 and he just stared. Second game I we each had three Augurs out, but my augurs were fueling Talrand so I kept gaining drakes and won it.

4th Match: B/R Vampires - Killed me. Not even anything good to say. Cavern with two Vampire Nighthawks and a Vampire Nocturnus. Second game was the same plus a captain and I got stuck on three lands with three Angels and both Talrands in hand.

RESULT: 3-1. I came in 4th. Not too bad considering how brutally I got destroyed with vampires. I made changes to the deck and sideboard afterwards, including going up to 4x Celestial Purges.

1st Match: Red Aggro - Innistrad mono red aggro deck. All haste and +1/0 effects. Delver flipped both games and he had no removal. Easy wins.

2nd Match: U/R Delver Burn - He drew so perfectly I just we just laughed. His Bonfires were perfectly timed which really was the downfall. He ended up 2-2 so that made me more upset I lost to him.

3rd Match: Esper Control - I was not thrilled to see this match-up, but sometimes the Magic gods smile upon us. I flipped my delver, then Surgical Extraction on souls. GG.

4th Match: Delver Mirror - He plays the more typical delver with Pikes and Swords. First game My delver flipped before his and we went turn after turn until I won. Second game he mulled to 6 on the play and being a bit risky, I Mental Missteped his Ponder. Turned out it was his only land. Once Geist came out he scooped.

RESULT: 3-0. I won 3 matches 2-0 and lost 1 0-2. Bad luck in the one game did play a factor. He drew such pretty hands. Not much I can do. I don't believe I'll be making any changes.

1st Match: U/B Zombies - Same guy I played last week. First game he killed me, as is usual with this type of deck in game one. After sb, my Celestial Purges are just so good against this deck. I won the second and third games outright.

2nd Match: Esper Control - Such a bad match up for me. First game once Elesh resolved I scooped. I sb in the gales, negate, dissipate, and Jace. I got to use Surgical Extraction on Mana Leak so I was feeling pretty good and ended up winning. Third match went to the time limit so we drew.

3rd Match: Tempered Steel - So shocked to see it. I lost first game badly. Second game had my flying Geist win it. Third game I didn't draw any leaks or artifact hate and he got his pumped champions to get protection from everything.

4th Match: B/G Infect - I've never drew such perfect starting hands. It was such a waste. His high point was getting a Putrefax out that I snagged.Such an easy match.

RESULT: 2-1-1. I like running 20 lands. I never hit a land drought so I think I'll stick with it. Not once all night, did my stupid Delver flip. I really have the worst luck. All the parts are there and it better go 4-0 soon.

1st Match: R/G Aggro - First match had 3 Strangleroot Geist out on turn 3. After sideboaring I had a much better chance. Batterskull on Restoration Angel and he scooped. Third game we went back and forth. About 5 creatures each. The turn after I play Batterskull he top decks Ancient Grudge and that's all she wrote with a Hellrider on the board.

2nd Match: U/G Self Mill - I was embarrassed with how poorly I drew. 9 lands out both games. keeping 3 land hands drawing into nothing else but lands.

3rd Match: U/G Infect - Drew such amazing hands. Turn 1 Delvers and Gut Shots. He got absolutely nothing started. A match where I loved Phyrexian mana :)

4th Match: Red Deck Wins - First game he won. Honestly I was so shocked to see RDW at this event. I was not prepared at all. After sb the tides turned dramatically. Timely Reinforcements kept me alive and he couldn't do a thing about my flying Geist of Saint Traft.

5th Match: R/G Aggro - There's just nothing I can do about turn 2 swords. He was swinging for 9 with Birds of Paradise. Even timely couldn't save me.

6th Match: White Humans - I was worried seeing Champion of the Parish turn 1, but I got things under control. He never got his Mirran Crusader or soul bond going. Very easy win.

7th Match: Never showed up -_-

8th Match: U/B Zombies - First game he got me badly. All the low drops immediately. Seems I almost have no chance against aggro before I sb. Second round I was down to 6 with him at 12 and handles it with Batterskull. 3rd round the only like I lost was Phyrexian mana. Very happy about this win.

9th Match: R/G Aggro - I finally drew my Blade Splicer. The first strike golem slows it down so much I was able to stabilize and fly in. Second game he had 2 swords on a birds. I thought it was over until I had a flying Snap equipped with Batter.

Result: 6-3 (58th/300) It started out terribly and that's what cost me. I had the same points as people in the top 32, but the people I lost to, must've also done poorly. First big event with it. It definitely can win if things draw right.

1st Match: B/U Zombies - First game I got killed. He played Cavern of Souls and I was screwed. All the direct damage from Blood Artist and Geralf's Messenger killed me. Second game I had Geist of Saint Traft and kept snagging and blockers. Third game I had 3 delvers out by turn 2. They never flipped and that was that.

2nd Match: G/W Humans - Kid was new to MTG. It was his first event so I beat him pretty easily.

3rd Match: Esper Spirits - First game he killed me with pumps on his army. Second game I wrecked him with a Geist with a spectrel-flight. Third game he got stuck on 3 mana and scooped.

4th Match: Grixis Control - First game my Geist won the whole thing. Second game went to the time limit and we tied so I won the match.

RESULT: 3-1 6th place. I think it should've went 4-0, Stupid Delvers not flipping lol. Changed things a little bit and will be tested at the TCGplayer event.


JayZ1483 says... #1

Using Spectral Flight on the Geists is just plain nasty lol. I also like the Blade Splicer s in here too. +1

June 4, 2012 5:21 p.m.

metalmagic says... #2

I'm +1ing just for the alliteration. Good job.

June 4, 2012 7:42 p.m.

ireman4life says... #3

I'll take that as a compliment.

June 5, 2012 7:38 a.m.

metalmagic says... #4

Haha, it was. I barely looked at the deck last night because I was so tired, but the name caught my attention. I do like the deck, though, now that I'm looking at it. How does Spectral Flight work out for you?

June 5, 2012 6:05 p.m.

ireman4life says... #5

Amazingly. The prime target is Geist of Saint Traft . 8 to the face? I'll take that all day. Even on a Blade Splicer or the golem it produces. Worst case it's on Snappy and you're dropping the beats at 4 a turn. I think it's entirely underrated.

June 6, 2012 7:31 a.m.

metalmagic says... #6

Yeah, that does sound pretty sweet. It does get in quite a bit of damage over the course of a couple turns, and the evasion it gives is pretty sweet.

June 6, 2012 3:18 p.m.

ireman4life says... #7

The ability to block Birds with Swords saved me multiple games. I think it's very underrated.

June 6, 2012 9:42 p.m.

Hades4836 says... #8

I really love this deck. I have never given much thought on Spectral Flight but I see it is a pretty awesome card now. +1

June 13, 2012 11:27 p.m.

ireman4life says... #9

I think it is so underrated and will become popular once the swords rotate out. Thanks for checking it out XD

June 14, 2012 7:39 a.m.

apollo62442 says... #10

The deck name sounds like a porn movie...lolgreat deck still... +1

June 16, 2012 11:42 p.m.

darkstar4 says... #11

runechanter pikes are a must for this deck. I'd also take out a blade splicer for another saint. rearrange to get a full set of dissipates too.

June 17, 2012 2:31 a.m.

ireman4life says... #12

Pikes are good, but then I'd need to add Thought Scour s. Blade Splicer s serve their purpose against all the aggro match ups. Geist gets wrecked in aggro. Not to mention flickering the Splicer with Restoration Angel gets me another golem.

June 17, 2012 8:45 a.m.

pretty nice. +1

do you mind taking a look at mine.


June 29, 2012 11:21 p.m.

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