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1st Match: Mirror Delver - Same person i played last week. Our first game took 36 minutes. It was such an epic battle. Second turn of the game I extracted his snags that he Thought Scoured (i hate Thought Scour. Next turn flashed it back to extract Delver. All in all I was at 4 life and he was at 1. He had a Pike on Snappy and I was chump blocking with spirits. I ended up top decking a Snappy to flash vapor back for lethal. We ran out of time so i got the win.

2nd Match: W/G Humans - Scary match up. First game I dismembered his mayor and extracted it. The following turn I dismembered Silverblade and flash extracted it. I flashed in angel to suicide block his crusader. He had no more creatures and I won. Next game I had two Delvers flip by turn 3 and it was gg.

3rd Match: R/G Aggro- First game, turn 2 sword. Swinging with it on a Bird by turn 3 and it was a matter of time. Second game was a classic Delver Beatdown. Third game I made a huge misplay by not activating Timely before I attacked. Cost me the game.

4th Match: B/W Exalted - Destroyed him. First game Delver and Splicer Beatdown. Second game I made 7 drake tokens.


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