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So this deck is just a concept that popped into my head earlier today, and i thought it was pretty cool.

Screw your opponent over by utilizing free spells such as Blazing Shoal and exile a Reaper King or Progenitus and have a little Ornithopter get crazy beefed up. You can also use Shining Shoal to redirect all the damage that would be dealt to you back to your opponent. Other than that it's fairly straightforward. It's always fun surprising your opponent with a little Commandeer or Force of Will teehee

Tell me what you think, a lot of thought and effort went into concocting this one, so comments and ratings are appreciated. I've gotten far more comments on this deck than every other deck I've made combined, and I really appreciate it. Thanks for all the love guys :D


Took out 4 Misdirection s to put in 4 Force of Will. It's just better.

Took out both Soul Spike s, 1 Mindbreak Trap, and 1 Commandeer to put in 3 Welding Jar s and 1 Fury of the Horde . The Jars help so i can keep my pathetic little Ornithopter out there longer and the Fury of the Horde would be really crazy if I got to play it, althought it would likely be difficult to pull off.

Took out 2 Chancellor of the Dross and 2 Chancellor of the Forge to put in 4 Noxious Revival . I needed to have a way to replay Blazing Shoals, and this is the best way. The chancellors didn't do me much good anyway.

Took out 3 Cave-In s for 3 Summoner's Pact. Again, it's just better and more central to the theme. I need to have a reliable way to get a Progenitus or Reaper King .


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