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Starting turn one this deck comes out with Duress and Appetite for Brains to start weeding out potential mid game threats. Or set up a chump blocker/discard with Drainpipe Vermin

When on the draw the deck can react with Tragic Slip to mana dorks

Turn two your looking at Black Cat and Ravenous Rats to keep aggro from running all over you and even if they are picked off by removal they still give you value

Turn three were looking to use Bone Splinters to take out a large threat and get our morbid active, going for another Tragic Slip or if our early discards were missing Mind Rot comes in for 2

Turn four is where the magic happens. By now youve exhausted their control/burn cards and can drop Bloodline Keeper   or Desecration Demon to put the nail in the coffin. These cards hit the board and stick around for a turn or two and your well on your way to a win. If all else fails Slaughter Games gives you a way to eliminate your opponents recovery cards like Thragtusk or any of the pesky angels.


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Finally updated after skipping AR and most of M13, suggestions welcomed


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