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Here is the Hippoblade deck that I piloted to a Top 64 finish at my first Star City Games Open Phoenix! There were a total of 430 people attending this event.

Congratulations to Tony Turner, and Dustin Ochoa, also from the Amazing Discoveries team, for placing 12th and 16th place.

Decks Played:

U/W Delver: Win 2-0

U/W Delver: Win 2-0

U/W Delver: Loss 0-2

Haunted Humans: Loss 0-2

U/B Zombies: Win 2-0

R/B Zombies: Win 2-0

U/B Control: Win 2-1

U/B Control: Win 2-0

Heartless Summoning: Loss 0-2

Final Record: 6-3-0 (64th Place)

Try the deck; it is very fun and a fantastic list! It has a very good match-up against almost every Tier One deck, including Delver, WRR, Mono-Green, Control, Zombies, Humans, Pod, and RDW. Play it, before the entire deck rotates out!


Updates Add

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight has been added mainboard, but may be switched out with Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite in the future. 1x Slayers' Stronghold has been added mainboard in place of a second Ghost Quarters to push early aggro. A third Whipflare has been added to help with Humans, U/W Delver, Reanimator (Lingering Souls) and R/G Aggro. Finally, running 2x Sword of War and Peace with the second Sword of Feast and Famine in the board.

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