Drop heartless summoning turn two to get a good start, other that go with a drop of Desecration Demon turn 4 or Bloodgift Demon turn 5. Drop the aforementioned creatures early with the Heartless Summoning and gain a good advantage early on.

Drop Mikaeus, the Unhallowed and fear no boardwipes save for that pesky Terminus.

Drop Flayer of the Hatebound for some sweet combos with mikeaus the unhallowed and just an all around good creature to be fearless with in both offense and defense.

Suggestions are much appreciated.


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I took out the Falkenrath Nobles because they were useful on occasion. The Chaos Imps was something I was considering adding in for a bit now. The land addition is the biggest reason for this change. While playtesting, i often find myself needing more mana. Usually because i always shuffle my Heartless Summoning away from the top someway or another. Well anyway feedback is welcomed, hell it's encouraged. When I get this deck to FNM (been busy with school) i'll let you know if this deck is any good or not.

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