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Garruk is back, and he's rocking like never before!

Garruk, Primal Hunter is simply amazing.

+1: to protect himself
-3: to draw cards - IN GREEN!
-6: to simply win
The man is a wincondition on itself, i might even go as far as to compare him to Big Jace... He might lose the matchup, but only by a small margin.

(what really makes him work so well is the fact that you can play him with 5 mana, +1 him, and next turn drop a titan or wurmcoil to draw 6! It's a sight to behold :D)

Rites of Flourishing is very promising as well.

again, it provides green with the raw card draw it needs. Sure the other player benefits from it too, but they will usually not have the mana to work it well, while this deck thrives on it. The ramping it provides is insane and it works well with the Cultivates.

Inferno Titan, Urabrask the Hidden and Karn Liberated for more winning. 'nuff said.

Why the deck works:

At first sight the deck looks odd because of the missing 2- and 4-drops, but look a little closer:

Turn 1 Birds of Paradise and Llanowar Elves provide you with 3 mana on turn 2, thus skipping the 2 cmc slot. Then on turn 3 you have Cultivate and Rites of Flourishing to get to 5 or even 6 mana on turn 3, to bust out titans, urabrask or even garruk.

Basically you're setting yourself up for a lategame win condition... on turn 3!

I really hope you guys playtest the deck a bit to discover its raw power, you HAVE to see it for yourself to believe it.

Any and all comments are very welcome as this is a raw sketch of what i believe can, with enough attention, grow to compete with the best.

And don't forget to +1 when you like it!

Regards, Jesse


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