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Dreamstealer + Raiders' Wake

This deck aims to use cards such as Dreamstealer to force opponents to discard cards, dealing damage with Raiders' Wake in the process.

A few Gifted Aetherborn (who is amazing with the deathtouch and lifelink) and Ammit Eternal are here for some good early damage. Gonti, Lord of Luxury takes the edge off the opponents' decks and gives a nice advantage. Further into the game, Noxious Gearhulk steps in for some very nice removal and life gain.

I've included just a few Rush of Vitality to protect creatures, and Bontu's Monument to help bring them out. For further removal, Never and Trial of Ambition is in as well as the Cartouche of Ambition for even more life gain and boosting.

For more fun with Raiders' Wake the cards Torment of Scarabs, Cruel Reality and Doomfall are in for all the discarding.

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated! :D


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