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Dragon Stompy is an old Legacy deck that basically evolved out of Big Red from Mirrodin Standard. For those of you that don't know, Dragon Stompy is a deck that wants to play either Chalice of the Void or a Blood Moon/Magus of the Moon on turn 1 to screw its opponent over and then ride a big creature to victory before and if they can recover. It is definitely a metagame-specific deck. When manabases in Legacy get greedier and greedier, this deck gets stronger and stronger.

Sadly, few of the old relics that Big Red used have been able to keep their spot in Dragon Stompy but new innovations have led to the adaptation of an older card, Moggcatcher, in conjunction with the always strong Siege-Gang Commander. With Moggcatcher out, it's very easy to build up a large army of goblins in a few turns, or search up some utility goblins to deal with problems presented by your opponent.

This new innovation might render the name Dragon Stompy obsolete, but allows the deck to have more flexibility and resiliency than ever before.


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