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Delving Swarm  シ シシ シ (ŏ﹏ŏ。)

Legacy Aggro BUG (Sultai) Control Delver Land Destruction Tempo


The purpose of this deck is to create a fast as possible B/U/G deck. I hardly own any of these cards and I don't think that I will build this deck in anytime soon. I just really enjoy building decks. :) I really appreciate input and feedback and I'd be happy to answer to your questions.

This deck is a mix of a classic delver deck with a strong presence of blue cantrips and a typical legacy B/U/G control deck with cards like Deathrite Shaman, Tarmogoyf and Abrupt Decay.

The deck has a quite extreme mana setup, it has only 13 color lands + 4 Wasteland This works out because the deck is built to be able to run on only 2 lands in play. The majority of the lands are fetch lands that gives you the chance shuffle your deck. Fetching a land and shuffle your library just after playing Brainstorm really maximizes the digging potential. Fetch lands also helps with mana fixing, since any fetch land is able fetch all different mana combinations in this deck. The fetch lands can also be used to power Deathrite Shaman's mana ability. This makes it easier to throw out something like a Liliana of the Veil faster and also helps with mana fixing.


I am not finished yet... > <

This deck's graveyard really piles up fast, so cards like Deathrite Shaman and Tarmogoyf are quite handy. The winning games with this deck average on about 5-6 turns. Though I have had wins on turn 4.

Please send me some feedback! :)

I would really appreciate some help with the sideboard. Right now it's kind of nonexistent.... >_< I feel like i'm really stuck on that part...

I have got some suggestions for sideboard cards, they are in the maybe board. If you have a idea on how to build a good sideboard for this or any other suggestions I'd be super happy! :D



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Standstill was suggested for a replacement to TC. I have done some testing and found that it is probably the way to go with this deck. Dig Through Time simply don't cut it the way TC did. The Tarmogoyf was affected negatively by DTT and TC, but it was worth it with TC since it's basically Ancestral Recall.

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