Circu's Spell Book

Designed with the aim of breaking your opponents deck causing table flips.

I designed this deck around Surgical Extraction + Extirpate with heavy mill to provide targets. If someone is playing a heavy 4 of deck they are going to find it hard to play their important combos as they are being removed from the game.

Thought Scour / Tome Scour / Despise / Duress + Surgical Extraction is a fun turn one combo that can severely cripple your opponents deck. This whole deck has great synergies and pairings at fairly inexpensive CMCs.

Added some superfriends for planeswalking fun.

Wincon = the destruction of my opponents deck.


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This deck is Modern legal.

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+3 Mana Leak side
-3 Sever the Bloodline side
+3 Archive Trap maybe
+3 Devour Flesh maybe
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-3 Devour Flesh side
-3 Sadistic Sacrament side
-2 Crypt Incursion main
-3 Archive Trap side