Never judge a book by its cover.

That is a lesson we all should live by. If you look, but not truly see, you'll be blind to the world and everything it has to offer. If you hear but not truly listen, you'll be deft to those who speak the truth. That is what this deck is about. Listening to the community and creating a compromise to fit everyone's wants and needs.

Every single card has been altered by the minds of the magic community, creating a card that has never been created. If you are objectifying it based on what appears to be, just look at the cards again and you'll be able to see the true genius behind the cards. And if you wish to join, you just need to ask.

However, if you would suggest cards, suggest balanced cards instead of ridiculously broken cards from days past (Black Lotus, Time Walk, etc.). So please, let your mind be the vision of a new tomorrow. If you wish to join the forums where all of these cards were at the point of conception, follow this link:

Custom Card Collaboration

This is a collaboration of me (SirFowler), DERPLINGSUPREME, VampireArmy, Coinman1863, Nomp, FAMOUSWATERMELON, hound829, 6tennis, NoviceMagician, klone13, and Nickyorany.

In order to alter the cards on untap, use the following verbatim:

2 Aether Adept (c69)
4 Breeding Pool (507)
2 Circu, Dimir Lobotomist (a32)
2 Command Tower (74c)
4 Dark Ritual (052)
1 Dreadship Reef (e1f)
5 Forest
2 Glade Watcher (6d7)
4 Gnat Miser (a0c)
5 Island
1 Kheru Lich Lord (0b8)
3 Perplex (7ea)
2 Phyrexian Arena (393)
2 Putrefy (546)
3 Putrid Leech (9ab)
3 Sage of Epityr (60f)
1 Sidisi, Brood Tyrant (170)
1 Spiteful Returned (1d2)
3 Sultai Charm (785)
1 Sunken Ruins (c43)
5 Swamp
1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (bc5)
3 Young Wolf (9e6)

Just copy and paste this into the alternate card box as well as the original card list and you'll have the same exact decklist as I do.


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