Kheru Lich Lord


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Rare

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Kheru Lich Lord

Creature — Zombie Wizard

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may pay {2}{B}. If you do, return a creature card at random from your graveyard to the battlefield. It gains flying, trample and haste. Exile that card at the beginning of your next end step. If it would leave the battlefield, exile it instead of putting it anywhere else.

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Kheru Lich Lord Discussion

DerGeldSchein on Sidisi Zombie EDH

3 months ago

Thanks JuQ for your ideas. Definitetly gonna include some of your suggestions (b.c. they are all "budget"), but i am not quite sure what i should cut for those! I was thinking about cutting Champion of Stray Souls due to too high cmc, Dreamborn Muse because she will trigger Sidisi just once (only if Undead Alchemist is in play but he is good enough on his own). Next cut could be Filth cause Swampwalk is not as effective as other abilities. Maybe Kheru Lich Lord as well (high cmc and rng). Ramunap Excavator for The Gitrog Monster. I could cut Tasigur, the Golden Fang, he is just not as good as i thought he would be. If you have any thoughts about whatelse i could cut here let me know :)

AverageDragon on Centurion EDH - Variant Commander

9 months ago

mahdik While there are some commanders in the multicolor categories which are mostly redundant, excluding just a few of the multicolor commanders would be slightly misleading in our eyes. Lightning Angel might have specific angel synergies and has an extra bit of toughness (which is relevant for the various 3-damage-wipes which exist), and Angel of Despair has a destroy ETB while Ashen Rider has an ETB and LTB exile. While they might be very similar, it would be strange to make these exclusions. This list is also due for a rework with new available commanders to choose from.

We are also taking a minimal-bans approach to the format. The nature of casual games is that playgroups who have issues with specific cards should answer those cards in-meta, either by agreeing to ban a commander they don't like in their own group, or coming up with in-game answers to those threats. We aren't able to determine what is or isn't fun to specific people, as well, so bans are restricted to cards which are truly format warping. Specifically regarding Magister Sphinx, it costs 7 mana across three colors in order to reduce a single opponent to 10 life, which is slow, even for this format. Platinum Angel is also 7 mana, and forces you into colorless, and the ways of giving it hexproof are restricted to other artifacts -- artifacts which can be destroyed or otherwise answered through tools such as edict effects and artifact destruction. While some players might find these effects unfun, it's very slow assembly process which has many opportunities to be answered, which could result in some interesting and fun games for many players.

While voltron decks are the easiest route for many of the commanders, there are many alternative playstyles available. In comparison to pauper, we have many more wipes, mostly damage-based or PT-reducing in black and red, which allow for less creature-based strategies to emerge. On the discord server, we have done a lot of experimentation with combo lists, and various strange playstyles such as Shardless Agent cascade chaining, Dominus of Fealty steals, Mercurial Chemister control, and Kheru Lich Lord roulette reanimator. There's lots of space for exploration, and many different strategies lay undiscovered.

Epicfuzz45 on Tyrannical Brooding (Sidisi Graveyard Advantage)

9 months ago

Hello, I'm the one that you commented on my Sidisi Deck and I'm here to check out your version of Sidisi. By your deck description, it sounds like we based our decks on the same philosophy of gaining an absurd amount of value through the graveyard. I'll go over some cards that I think you should take out and add. I'm brutally honest about deck building, since there are so many potential cards to add to a commander deck and it's difficult to take out cards, especially when your deck has already been established.

I'm guessing by your card selection that you are on some kind of budget since the deck is around $200 (which is pretty cheap for a commander deck) or by what your description says, you are making sure your deck isn't too OP, so I'll only suggest cards that aren't absurdly expensive like Crucible of Worlds.

Creatures: There is a kind of secret rule w/ Sidisi that you want to have at least 33 creatures in the deck, so on average, she mills at least one creature when she enters the battlefield or attacks, so I'll try to abide by that rule when giving my suggestions.

Dungeon Geists- just a generic control creature, it doesn't have any synergy w/ the deck aside from being a creature.

Kheru Lich Lord- I think Whip of Erebos is strictly better, it costs 2 less mana, gives all your creatures lifelink, and brings back a creature w/ haste for a turn (although it doesn't get flying & trample). Whip of Erebos has less synergy w/ the deck, since it's not a creature, but I think it's sheer power out ways the potential synergy.

Mold Shambler- Reclamation Sage is a strict upgrade to this card, costing half the mana and being able to be triggered if it hits the battlefield from the graveyard, although it doesn't hit lands, if you need it to hit lands, use Acidic Slime instead.

Omnibian- A funny card, but doesn't have any synergy w/ the deck aside from being a creature.


I personally avoid "enters the battlefield tapped" lands as much as possible (I'd rather play a basic lands over guildgates), but I'll just suggest interesting lands that are cheap price wise that you could add.

Barren Moor, Lonely Sandbar, & Tranquil Thicket- all have great synergy w/ Life from the Loam, you might think it's silly to take up three land slots for mediocre lands just for synergy w/ one card in the deck, however when you play the deck w/ these cycle lands and you can get the combo going (I usually am able to use it most games, because I mill so much of my deck) you'll see just how powerful a infinitely recurring value engine can be.

Bojuka Bog- It looks like you don't mill your opponents, so I don't think this card will be as useful to you as it is in my deck, however I usually play this card in every deck I have that runs , just so I have some way to interact w/ my opponents' graveyards.

Drownyard Temple- Being able to ramp at instant speed when you have an extra 3 mana laying around is really efficient, especially since the only cost of this card is that it only produces mana.

Exotic Orchard- This card is usually another Command Tower in deck running three or more colors of mana, it is especially true in since those colors are the most powerful and popular in commander. (It's also incredibly cheap price wise).

High Market- Protects your creatures from control magic and exile effects, seems like it's no big deal, but when every deck running has Path to Exile & Swords to Plowshares, it's usefulness begins to shine.

Sunken Hollow- Is an excellent 2-color budget land.

Alchemist's Refuge- I'm not a big fan of this card, I'd only think about running this in a heavy control deck, if you are really desperate for this ability you could use Leyline of Anticipation and/or Vedalken Orrery instead.

Other cards:

Mystic Genesis- I refuse to use counterspells that are more than 3 mana for a good reason, you can't just have 5 mana open without A. falling behind because you could of cast something to progress you board instead of keeping 5 mana up and B. making it super obvious to the other players that you have some sort of interaction, which they may play around. I thinking replacing it w/ either Arcane Denial or Counterspell will be a good choice.

Plague Boiler- Not a fan of obvious board wipes that your opponent's can play around (or could just remove w/ a Nature's Claim), I'd recommend Cyclonic Rift (which you should be automatically playing since you have in your deck) instead if your worried about nonland permanents, however if it's creatures that your worried about, I'd run a board wipe, like Toxic Deluge, Damnation, Life's Finale, Living Death, Decree of Pain, Black Sun's Zenith, or Crux of Fate.

Darksteel Plate- You should get rid of this card, this is a graveyard recursion deck, you don't care if your creatures die, it's one of the strongest assets of the deck.

Sultai Banner- The banners are awful, Commander's Sphere is strictly better, however I'd run Sakura-Tribe Elder instead since this is a creature heavy strategy.

Vraska the Unseen- She is a random planeswalker to have in this deck, personally I'm not a fan of planeswalkers in commander since the other three players will usually team up to kill planeswalkers that you have, the only good modes on her are her -3 (which if you want that just run Beast Within instead) and here ultimate, when judging planeswalkers, you can't judge them on their ultimates, they are so difficult to get to, so you almost have to assume they don't exist.

Important Cards you should add:

Eternal Witness- The best recursion on a creature in commander for .

Phyrexian Reclamation- One of the best recursion enchantments in commander.

Swiftfoot Boots & Lightning Greaves- This deck doesn't have , so haste is hard to come by, and these two cards both protect your creatures and gives them haste, a much appreciated ability in a creature heavy deck.

Sol Ring- It's Sol Ring! (I'm guessing that you don't have this card in your deck, because you think it's too OP, but I'd feel foolish if I didn't suggest it).

lullelukas on Sidisi dredge

1 year ago

I second Cheez_berger11 in that you might want a few more reanimators. Animate Dead and especially Victimize come to mind, as well as things as Kheru Lich Lord if you want to reanimate using creatures. On the same note, I think you might want to consider some more explosive token generators such as Army of the Damned and Empty the Pits as well as the aforementioned Bridge from Below. Also, take a look at Nephalia Drownyard and Duskmantle, House of Shadow as additional ways to trigger Sidisi.

That said, great looking deck! I'll definately take some aspects of it and modify my own Sidisi zombie deck!

nok on Sultai Brood 2.0

2 years ago

Definitely some of the new lands such as Sunken Hollow or Lumbering Falls fetch lands are hard to get because of cost but definitely would benefit with the delving. Murderous Cut is too good to not main board.Crux of Fate Dead Drop semi wipe the field and potentially feed the delve and Monastery Siege Also gives card advantage and feeds the delve. Soulflayer Necropolis Fiend and Kheru Lich Lord are good with delve, but the most you could get with Soulflayer is flying and deathtouch. Dutiful Return can add a good card in hand to scare them and also Den Protector and Deathmist Raptor are good with the grave. Sultai was the first 3 color combo I made and I will always be partial to it +1

Kringo on Delve and Self Mill [Need Help]

2 years ago

this deck looks pretty good. i actually have one like it that i use in casual all the time except it self mills to put creatures in my graveyard to ramp up Splinterfright and Nighthowler. since you're going with wanting to exile your graveyard though the first card you absolutely need is Tasigur, the Golden Fang. you could even run Varolz, the Scar-Striped. it still ramps up counters on Rakshasa Vizier while making good use of your creatures in the graveyard. Soulflayer is another delve card you could consider. also Gurmag Angler. Nyx Weaver is good if you want to pull something out of the graveyard. Grisly Salvage is my personal favorite self mill draw/search card. you could also run Glimpse the Future, Mulch, or Commune with the Gods. Deadbridge Chant is always a good self mill card worth looking at. you could run Whip of Erebos and Kheru Lich Lord but those dont add counters to Rakshasa Vizier. Sidisi, Brood Tyrant is pretty good self mill and token production. i run 4 because even if the legend rule applies when you cast a second copy the new sidisi still has her enter the battlefield effect that mills 3 and has a chance at making a zombie token. also in a deck like this fetch lands are really good if you can get your hands on some of the more expensive ones that bring a land into play untapped for 2 life. it thins out your deck and gives you an extra card to delve away. that's all i can think of off the top of my head for now. soon ill be putting up my casual self mill deck so you can add me if you want to check it out and maybe get some other ideas, but like i said earlier my deck self mills for a different purpose than your deck does because i need my creatures to stay in the graveyard and not be exiled.

AwesomeName on Graveyard Summon

2 years ago

A big creature like Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger would be work nicely with your cards such as Kheru Lich Lord, Necromantic Summons, Nissa's Revelation, Ugin's Insight (note it doesn't get its casting trigger if you reanimate it)

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