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Golgari Stompy (Multiple 5-0 and 5-1)

Standard* BG (Golgari) Competitive Mono-Green Ramp


Alt text This is my Golgari Stompy deck. It continuously changes the more games I put in with it to adjust to the meta. Currently I'm putting in about 15 to 20 games a night with it on MTG Arena. Sometimes more. I've been making great progress in the game with it but still making changes to the deck as needed. Mostly to the sideboard as the meta changes.

I'll keep posting my online competitive match results to show if the last changes helped or hindered and try to give explanation to my results IE; mana flooded, misclicked a play or I just suck at Magic...

10/11/2018 MTG Arena Competitive Standard

5-1 for the night, lost to U/R Control/Burn.

10/12/2018 MTG Arena Competitive Standard

5-0 beat out U/R, Grixis Control, Mono-Green, Boros Angels, G/W Tokens and stock list G/B Stompy.

10/13/2018 MTG Arena Competitive Standard

5-1 Lost to Golgari Midrange to my own stupid misclick killing my own creature opening up the board for them to finish me off in game 2 of match 1. Then went on to win against 3 more Golgari decks, 1 Izzit deck and a U/W Control deck.

10/14/2018 MTG Arena Competitive Standard

Beat 3 Golgari variants, 1 RDW, and a Merfolk deck. This deck is tested and proven in my book. Adjusted side for meta.

10/15/2018 MTG Arena Competitive Standard

Lost to Golgari Midrange.

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