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Behold blessed perfection - Dimir Control

Modern Competitive Control U/B (Dimir)


The key parts of my deck are the Horror creatures alongside with all the counter/removal spells. There are many cheap instant and sorcery spells with some mana heavy finishers.

Ideally i'ts: Turn 1: Inquisition of Kozilek
Turn 2: Thing in the Ice   or some usefull spells like Opt or Fatal Push
Turn 3: Further spellcasting
Turn 4: Phyrexian Obliterator
Turn 5: Further spellcasting to trigger Thing in the Ice  
... then finish with the big ones

Cards like Thoughtseize, Snapcaster Mage or Cavern of Souls are beyond my budget range. Therefore, I will not consider them.

With that said, suggestions to improve i'ts efficiency are very much appreciated. I play in a casual environment and therefore never had the pleasure to play against real modern decks. Please share your thoughts, if you claim to know this decks weaknesses or its competitive playability.

That would help a lot... Thanks


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