This deck just wants to punish and deny the presence of an enemy board state in the early game. It also wants to get some incremental card advantage. However once we get an established presence on the board it will be painful for them to interact with it. Which is why I dubbed this Cruel Control.

Counters In the counter package we have Remand, Counterflux, and Mana Leak. These are all very effective spells at stopping them very quickly. Remand gives us a little card advantage while usually shutting down an early turn. Likewise Silumgar's Scorn is usually a two cmc hard counter on early turns. Meanwhile Counterflux gets some more upside in certain matchups. Things like Storm hate Counterflux because you can pump one extra mana into it to counter all spells on the stack. Which shuts them down when they are going off. Also it's good to mention that if you happened to come in contact with another Control deck of any kind that has counter spells. There is a clause on Counterflux that states cannot be countered by spells or abilities. So late or mid game versus another Control junkie you can land a win condition without having to worry about a counter war, or on the flip side counter there win condition without the fear of getting countered in response.

Removal Now to the board presence removal. Which is Lightning Bolt, Fatal Push, and Terminate. Theses are all super cheap and effective to play. Lightning Bolt has a dual purpose which is that it can either deal 3 damage to a creature or player. Which is very important as the 3 damage is always relevant. Then we have Fatal Push which hasn't been around for a long time, but whose power is undeniable. Regarding the revolt mechanic on this card, it isn't hard to activate at all. The hardest thing is sometimes trying to decide whether to get a land this turn or wait to activate revolt on Fatal Push when a threat appears.

Card Advantage There are two spells in this package, but both are pretty powerful. The first is Ancestral Vision and then the filter Contingency Plan. I would go into detail about Ancestral Vision more but it's fairly evident the power of this card speaks for itself. Now then Contingency Plan is the card most people will not like, but don't count it out. The worst thing that can happen in a control deck is drawing into what you don't need at that point. You need to always have removal or counter in your own hand, and Contingency Plan helps with that very effectively. It allows you to dig into your next 5 card draws and sort what you need from what you don't. It's that simple.

Win Condition This is where we win the game so it needs to be a cohesive solid strong group of cards. First I'll talk about the oddball out Master of Cruelties. Now Master of Cruelties has great keywords on him those are first strike and deathtouch. Which he needs if he has to attack by himself, but what's more important is the clause at the bottom that says he reduces them to 1 life. That's huge! It won't be hard to keep the board clear with all the counter/removal so swinging in with him should be a death sentence for your opponent. Now the rest of these creatures are all dragons which is to produce more synergy between them and the next card which is Thunderbreak Regent. He does well to discourage the targeting of our dragon win conditions. If you get multiples out the ability stacks. Good to know right. ThenIcefall Regent basically functions as removal/ a flyer. As he locks down a creature. Lastly Dragonlord Kolaghan is I'm here to primarily swing 6 overhead while having haste, but also gives other creatures haste and shuts out some creature/planeswalker decks with the 10 life lose clause.

I just want to say this deck is consistent and very fun.


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