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My Elemental tribal deck. Or 6/6 Vigilance Trample: The Deck. Vomit Elementals of every color onto the table for fun and profit.

Synergy! Synergy everywhere.

The fact that Incandescent Soulstoke is an elemental lord is nice, but what I really care about is its ability to put elemental cards of any cost on to the table with hast for 2 mana. That's just crazy.

Voice of Resurgence basically just screws over control decks all by itself. And should it die right away, it will replace itself at the very least.

Finally, Reveillark can make for a nice recovery after a boardwipe, bringing back Smokebraider , Voice of Resurgence or Brighthearth Banneret . Mulldrifter + Reveillark is your best bet, though.

There's 4 tutors in the shape of Flamekin Harbinger . You'll almost always start out with one of these in your hand or a good opening hand. Smokebraider and Brighthearth Banneret make sure big, stompy creatures get on the board as fast as possible.

Turn 1:

  1. Primal Beyond
  2. Cast Flamekin Harbinger , tutor up whatever is missing from your hand.

Turn 2:

  1. Ancient Ziggurat
  2. Cast Smokebraider

Turn 3:

  1. Forest
  2. Tap Smokebraider for Red and Black mana, tap forest for Green, tap Primal Beyond for Blue, tap Ancient Ziggurat for White mana.
  3. Cast Woodland Wanderer for 6/6, or Horde of Notions .
  4. Grin like a retard. Or grin like a retard and attack with the Horde.

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