Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones


Wall creatures can attack as though they didn't have defender.

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Rolling Stones Discussion

Balaam__ on Pauper Glyphs: Things That Exist

2 months ago

Great stuff here. It isn’t pauper legal, but if you ever wanted to play this build in a different format you might take a look at Rolling Stones. It opens up a plethora of different tactics for you to play around with. Just an idea; I really like this as you have it.

KIRK77 on Tanks

3 months ago

Looks like you've already got pretty much every spicy card I was going to recommend. I would say maybe look at picking up an Idyllic Tutor, it's probably the cheapest it's going to be and your Rolling Stones/Assault Formation turns on 8 of your 23 creatures. Gorm the Great might be pretty cool too

paperponcho on Arcades, goes to Wallmart

5 months ago

Rolling Stones is too slow and doesn't do anything by itself. Appreciate the suggestion tho. Hi-5

thom-le on Arcades, goes to Wallmart

5 months ago

Maybe Rolling Stones is a good addition.

RNR_Gaming on Hey Tough Guy

9 months ago

Must haves in defender decks

Axebane Guardian - absurd ramp and can combo with Freed from the Real

High Alert and Rolling Stones - the key to consistency is redundancy; your commander may not always be able to be casted so having similar effects is very important.

Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive - this card essentially makes all of your creatures unblockable

Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa - same idea as tetsuko; evasion and pushing through damage

Lowly_Hollow on Modern Better Be on High Alert

11 months ago

I've been messing around with a similar build that focuses more on agro and card advantage. Several suggestions... Skeleton Key Aqueous Form Curiosity Assualt Formation Teyo, the Shieldmage Rolling Stones Wall of Runes . Skulk seems like an awesome way to take advantage of high alert effects.

toxicliam on Doran, the Siege Tower

1 year ago

Rolling Stones doesn’t work with defenders but it does increase your consistency and allows you to run other defenders, including that one that adds mana equal to your defenders I don’t remember it’s name.

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