Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones


Wall creatures can attack as though they didn't have defender.

Rolling Stones Discussion

RNR_Gaming on Hey Tough Guy

2 months ago

Must haves in defender decks

Axebane Guardian - absurd ramp and can combo with Freed from the Real

High Alert and Rolling Stones - the key to consistency is redundancy; your commander may not always be able to be casted so having similar effects is very important.

Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive - this card essentially makes all of your creatures unblockable

Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa - same idea as tetsuko; evasion and pushing through damage

Lowly_Hollow on Modern Better Be on High Alert

4 months ago

I've been messing around with a similar build that focuses more on agro and card advantage. Several suggestions... Skeleton Key Aqueous Form Curiosity Assualt Formation Teyo, the Shieldmage Rolling Stones Wall of Runes . Skulk seems like an awesome way to take advantage of high alert effects.

toxicliam on Doran, the Siege Tower

5 months ago

Rolling Stones doesn’t work with defenders but it does increase your consistency and allows you to run other defenders, including that one that adds mana equal to your defenders I don’t remember it’s name.

Izgrimes96 on Doran, the Siege Tower

5 months ago

RNR_Gaming thank you for that Rolling Stones recommendation, does that work with defenders as well? I thought defenders and walls were different. If that’s the case I’d gladly use tree of redemption and perdition.

RNR_Gaming on Doran, the Siege Tower

5 months ago

toxicliam beat me to the suggestion I was going to make. They're excellent cards and well above curve in this deck. Getting your commander out early with something like Deathrite Shaman that doubles as an interaction piece or Birds of Paradise that's a fixer could speed the game plan up quite a bit. Also, Rolling Stones should be in here too.

RNR_Gaming on Gather informations is the most important thing!

6 months ago

Being able to attack with your walls if need be should be a priority. You wont always be able to keep your commander out so cards like Assault Formation , High Alert and Rolling Stones definitely deserve a spot in the 99.

RNR_Gaming on Journey Forth from these Walls!

6 months ago

Gunna need Rolling Stones and High Alert to add in some redundancy. Nothing worse than walls that just sit there.

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