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The Rock, Pauper, Scissors (RPS)

Pauper BG (Golgari) Budget Midrange Pauper


This an attempt of mine to play with my favorite color pairing (golgari) on my favorite archetype (midrange) on my favorite format (pauper). The deck utilizes a shell similar to the G/x cascade decks people have been using (2021) but without the big cascade creatures, instead it relies on many creatures that draw a card when they enter the battlefield to net a good amount of card advantage, plus cards like Pulse of Murasa and Unearth that nets even more card advantage. The basic idea of the deck is to transform almost any exchange our opponentes do into an unfavorable trade, and by getting a few trades like this, eventually we'll bury the opponent in card advantage.

Last Update: 01/23/2022

Card Choices

Take into consideration that since this is a midrange deck the card choices are exchangeable, so read your meta and make changes as necessary.



Crypt Rats: Pestilence on a stick that can enter a turn earlier and can also be brought back with Pulse of Murasa or Unearth;

Elvish Visionary: A small creature that can cycle itself due to its draw ability, it works as a fodder for Fleshbag Marauder and as a way to lower our curve;

Fleshbag Marauder: Ever since the release of Commander Legends I've been wanting to play with this guy in one of my decks. Turns out that Fleshbag Marauder paired with graveyard recursion creates a very annoying soft lock (since I don't play hard recursion I can't call it a hard lock). I'm playing two copies to annoy people with Unearth;

Gurmag Angler: With the fact that it can usually cost us one mana to cast the fish and that it has a sizeable body and protection from Lightning Bolt and Snuff Out it sounds reasonable to run a couple of copies;

Llanowar Visionary: It helps our deck by giving it more creatures to work with, it draws a card and it also ramps into our larger spells, while also making Unearth become one black mana, draw a card and get a 2/2 that can ramp. Pretty much a nice fit for the deck;

Sarulf's Packmate: Llanowar Visionary's bigger brother, while it doesn't ramps us it can be an excellent source of card advantage, as well as providing a sizeable body on the ground;

Thorn of the Black Rose: Since we have so much board control the monarch mechanic just becomes obvious for the deck.


Cast Down: Great addition from Double Masters, maybe the card I was waiting for to make the deck more viable in today's meta (2020) it's a two-mana kill anything, except for Guardian of the Guildpact. Auto-include, four-of in the deck;

Pulse of Murasa: Provider of card advantage for midrange/control matchups and life gain for aggro matchups;

Snuff Out: Our mandatory copies of Snuff Out because we're playing black;

Suffocating Fumes: One of mainboard in order to deal with small creatures when Crypt Rats is a turn too slow;

Undying Evil: Last piece of "reanimation", this time it can work pretty well against some forms of grave hate and has the upside of enlarging our creatures. It also makes a fun interaction with Fleshbag Marauder.


Chainer's Edict: Black's go-to basic removal, gets rid of anything as long as the opponent has only one creature on the board, next;

Duress: Discard spell that is extremely efficient, it helps against Tron to buy you time (not that it will make the match less terrible but you got the point), it helps against burn to win you three life (more or less), it helps against Bogles to reduce their speed or the power of their creatures. Basically, it's a general answer against anything noncreature on the hands of opponents;

Unearth: Somewhat of a cheaper Pulse of Murasa that doesn't gain us life and can only target creatures with CMC 3 or lower, they are here to help us pick up the pace of the game, playing Fleshbag Marauder and then Unearthing it right after you cast it can be a good way to control the board and help us get the hang of the game. It's also less of a dead draw against grave hate since it can cycle itself.


Bojuka Bog: Standard grave hate tech;

Ash Barrens: Mana fix with the upside of thinning the deck;

Golgari Rot Farm: This land will help us re-utilize Bojuka Bog and Mortuary Mire. It also generates light card advantage, as it can generate two mana at the cost of a single land;

Woodland Chasm: Our mana fix with the swamp type in order to activate Snuff Out.


*Caustic Caterpillar: My preferred choice of enchantment/artifact hate for the deck since it can be brought back with our reanimation spells, as well as causing more damage overtime while still having a reasonable cost to make the loop;

Faerie Macabre: With the recent bannings (2022) I believe it may be very useful to run this card here as a more versatile grave hate, especially against Boros Bully, who can't interact very well with us reanimating this card after we have used it to take out some of their grave tech. It also gain repeatable use with Pulse of Murasa;

Penumbra Spider: Almost always a two for one and it also blocks most flyers and survives. It also allows Pestilence to be activated without the fear of losing it during the end step. As long as there's stuff like Boros, Faeries, and edict effects in the meta, this will be an amazing card;

Okiba-Gang Shinobi: A very good card that can cause a lot of trouble for the opponent simply by entering the battlefield, with 12 cantrip creatures it's very easy to get value out of this card. Also, if they don't kill it it's an even bigger problem for our opponent;

Diabolic Edict: I always loved the instant speed of this card when compared to their flashback counterpart, but since the deck is about grinding having a built-in two-for-one sounds way smarter. So this is mostly an extra edict against Bogles and other creatures that we can't kill with the usual removal;

Duress: Another two copies in the sideboard for grindy/control matchups. And Burn as well;

Suffocating Fumes: Extra mini Rat effects for when speed is needed and the size of the boardwipe is often irrelevant;

Weather the Storm: Mostly here because of Burn but it also helps against aggro decks while also being useful at fueling the rat.


How to Play the Deck

As of 03-25-2021 the deck suffered a gigantic renewal, so in order for me to teach you how to properly pilot the deck I need to completely understand it.

I thank you for your patience and I promise to put a Sideboard Guide and a general "How to Pilot the Deck" guide here.

EDIT: With the advance of science against the current pandemic I'm finally able to return to testing the deck, and with the current bans (2022) I'm currently without great options of decks to play, so I'm probably going to take this time to collect more data for the deck.


Updates Add

With the sudden growth of Cascade decks I decided to test a list once for a tournament that didn't play with the usual Tilling Treefolk or Raven's Crime and at the same time wasn't just a cascade list. I ended up falling in love with the playstyle of this new list and this is what I'll be basing myself from now on whenever I'm working with The Rock, Pauper, Scissors. The shell has changed, but it is still my favorite color pairing, with my favorite archetype on my favorite format.


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