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Standard Izzet Counterburn + Thousand Year Storm

Standard* Burn Combo Control Storm U/R (Izzet)


Typical counterburn deck that plays by responding to threats at instant speed and getting damage to accumulate along the way. Once Thousand-Year Storm is cast, the jump start cards in the yard can get a high enough storm count for Lightning Strike to seal the deal, or with just one spell cast before it Inescapable Blaze deals 12 unpreventable damage.

Goblin Electromancer is basically ramp as it discounts 22 of the instant and sorcery cards (only not discounting the Explansion half of Expansion / Explosion).

Obviously Thousand-Year Storm is the biggest bomb, because once it hits play all the instant and sorcery spells basically gain storm, and if unanswered leads to a win on the next turn.

Lightning Strike and Lava Coil are early creature removal for slowing the opponent and preventing them from getting out of hand before the deck really gets going, with Lightning Strike being able to hit the opponent directly and Lava Coil exiling anything it kills (so it won't contribute to the opponent's undergrowth count).

Electrostatic Field, and Ionize are also there to slow the opponent and the incidental damage can definitely add up over time.

Search for Azcanta   and Sinister Sabotage are there to ensure that I get better draws for just playing the game, with one becoming a card advantage engine in the late game and the other countering spells I can't allow to resolve.

Risk Factor is an instant speed Browbeat that can be used twice, what's not to love? Early game the opponent will likely take the damage and accelerate their life loss, and once they are low on life it becomes instant speed draw 3 to get more gas.

Chemister's Insight is great instant speed draw, because who doesn't love casting Divination at instant speed twice?

Inescapable Blaze is there to kill anything bigger than the other burn can handle and can be a win condition late game.

Expansion / Explosion can copy any of my spells except Inescapable Blaze so it can provide double value for 2 more mana, or with Thousand-Year Storm out it will triple my spells. The Explosion half can be compared to Sphinx's Revelation in that late game on the opponent's end step it can be used to draw more fuel but also can burn any target for that same amount.

I'm pretty satisfied with the sideboard at this point, but am definitely open to suggestions.

I would love to hear input on the deck so please share your thoughts.


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