Paper Pauper Izzet Blitz
Nivix Cyclops + Lightning Bolt = FUN!!!

One of the few "paupular" archetypes I play in pauper, but this is one of the first pauper decks I ever built, and I did so without knowing anything about the meta. I just lucked out and picked a good card ( Nivix Cyclops ) to build around. Now I see why other people did it too. =P

"Activate" your creatures repeatedly and swing for massive unblockable damage.

  • Turn 1 is for set-up. Play a Swiftwater Cliffs , or play an Island and a draw spell.
  • Next, cast the classic Kiln Fiend or Elusive Spellfist .
  • Now you can start alternating between your removal and draw as necessary, otherwise, try to get Nivix Cyclops out as early as you can, because 2 or 3 creatures on the board is typically better than just one.
  • Draw: Ponder , Opt , Refocus , Lonely Sandbar and Forgotten Cave are all here to help you dig through your library fast and find the right answers.
  • Removal: Lightning Bolt , Unsummon and Send to Sleep are meant to remove things that get in your way.
  • Offense: Renegade Tactics , Slip Through Space and Crash Through are all sorceries, so I wouldn't exactly call them "combat tricks." They do, however, force the combat phase to go more to your liking. Slip a big fatty right past your opponent's creatures before they even know what's happening, or just roll right over them. Fun fact, these are all cantrips too, so they replace themselves with a new card that you can probably cast right away.
  • Defense: Beyond actual removal to deal with threats, Refocus is an instant that can wake up one of your napping creatures in order to surprise your opponent by suddenly having an extra blocker. Additionally, Send to Sleep is an instant, and thus can be cast right before your opponent declares attackers to limit their options and buff your creatures for the upcoming combat.
  • Sideboard: Not that I sideboard much, since I just play for fun, but we do have some more tricks to pull over here. Annul for artifact-heavy decks. Red and Blue Elemental Blast s and Mana Leak for mirror-matches, burn and control-heavy decks. Repeal to remove pesky permanents, like enchantments or even more artifacts. Electrickery because everybody loves a one-sided board wipe.

Thanks for checking out my deck, and if you like pauper, check out my collection of over 30 Paper Pauper decks here, at The Pauper Project.

Also, check out my profile, where you'll find some articles on Pauper, a collection of user-made resources for ALL FORMATS, and... songs. =D


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