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Painter combo, but U/B!

Kind of a combo deck, kind of a control deck. It's weird. I'll explain.

First things first, the ~mulligan~ You'll generally want to keep a hand that has some sort of disruption/removal ( Thoughtseize , Spell Pierce , Daze / Force of Will ) followed by draw or the actual combo. You'll also always want to keep at least one land, 2 is okay, but I'll only ever keep a hand with no lands if I have Lotus Petal and crazy aggressive draw, like Ponder and Preordain or something similar.

The reason I say this deck is somewhat combo and somewhat control is because our actual combo-- Grindstone and Painter's Servant -- is only 6 mana total across 2 cards, and both can be played/activated on the same turn. Because the deck runs Dark Ritual , Lotus Petal and Ancient Tomb , we can pull this combo off almost as soon as we get it in our hand, sometimes as early as turn one or two with a great draw.

However, this is not always the case. Control decks run Force of Will and other disruption, we get wrecked by cards like Pithing Needle , and our combo doesn't always come together. For this reason, we run "aggressive" removal tools like Thoughtseize and Spell Pierce and Force of Will ( Daze for the budget-friendly) to counter our opponent's counter.

I'd like to dedicate a portion of this guide to explain my "correct" usage of Lim-Dul's Vault , because used well and it's game-winning, but used poorly, you've essentially spent mana to do nothing, since you don't actually draw with the card. Because of this, I recommend to never keep it in openers unless it's directly accompanied by draw, OR you can ramp it out turn one to stack your top 5 and guarantee a successful, game-winning curve. Post turn 2, you'll want to use it to either find the combo/missing combo piece, ramp, disruption, or whatever it is you may need.

The sideboard is still very much a work in progress. As such, I'm not going to include a write-up on it just yet.

Feel free to leave comments/critiques/suggestions. Thanks for reading!


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