Azorius seems like a very strong color pair for control in Pioneer. The lack of the best blue counterspells from Modern means that cards like Dovin's Veto and Absorb have a strong foothold for top counterspells. Sphinx's Revelation is amazing, alongside Supreme Verdict .

Since we’re in UW, I like the idea of going super hard on Instants with the main goal of flipping a Thing in the Ice   and/or pumping up a Myth Realized . On the one hand, dropping these on turns 1 and 2 sort of gives away our game plan, but they are also terribly hard to interact with.

A T1 Myth or T2 Thing will be backed up by a full grip of counterspells and cheap cantrips to get the triggers rolling fast and protect our investment. Thing also provides early blocks as long as we’re careful not to get trapped in a combat trick. Myth is also resilient to traditional sweepers which is bad for our opponent and good for us. The addition of a mana sink is nice for those turns where the opponent offers no good counterspell targets.

I enjoy the idea of showing exactly what kind of shenanigans we’re up to and letting the opponent sweat the ticking time bomb.

I'm eager for sideboard suggestions, as it seems logical to be able to swing into more (or less) creature counters as needed, and have a sweeper on deck, but otherwise I'm not sure what's going to be most needed.


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