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Big Weaklings [Budget Azorius Jank]

Pioneer Budget Jank Unblockable WU (Azorius)


Swing big with weak creatures! This deck makes use of an interesting combination I saw with Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive and High Alert - with both out, high-toughness creatures swing for loads of damage, and are unblockable if their printed power is 1 or less, since High Alert doesn't change it. This, coupled with the fact that low-power, high-toughness creatures are generally super cheap, you have a super budget deck, with most every card being under $0.50.

Can regularly win on turn 4, consistently wins on turn 5:

If you wanted to upgrade this deck, the below cards are recommended (will add as I find them):

Feedback and recommendations appreciated! As of 23/11/2021, this deck has taken me all the way to Mythic!


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