A budget Throne of Empires Crown of Empires and Scepter of Empires deck, meant to be a fun, casual deck.

In theory, you can try pushing damage through with tokens generated by Throne of Empires that often become buffed by Signal Pest or just try to burn them out by using Scepter of Empires and an Unwinding Clock . The empires cards become particularly effective when used in conjunction with Unwinding Clock or Voltaic Servant . In testing this deck, I have no problems getting all three components out fairly early.

Alternatively, Etched Champion or Signal Pest equipped with Cranial Plating makes for an often unblockable, powerful creature, if for some reason I am unable to get the "Empires" combo active.

I encourage you to playtest this deck once or twice to see how easily it is to get the foregoing mechanics online, and just how fun they are to use once they're in play.

While the pricing fluctuates, this list is typically around $40. I welcome recommendations, so long as they keep budget building considerations in mind.

Feature art: Johnny, Combo Player


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