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I was able to finally play the deck at our LGS's Pioneer tournament! I played against Esper Enchantments, Rakdos Aggro, and Abzan Xs. All these matches took us 3 games to complete (Some even pushing us to turns)! I ended the night at 4th place!

Esper Enchantments (2-1) Rakdos Aggro (1-2) Abzan Xs (1-2)

I determined that Chandra, Fire Artisan (though I love her) is less than optimal for how I'd like the deck to run. Her protecting herself is wonderful, and being able to dome someone for 7 because they don't want to touch her is great; however, I find there isn't much else to do with her besides clearing the top for Experimental Frenzy. I also was disappointed that Ox wasn't stellar for this deck either. I simply do not get enough cards in my graveyard to warrant the boi.

Thus, I will be making changes to the Mainboard! I'll be including Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh, Chandra, Pyromaster, and Chandra's Regulator!

I intend to continue making updates to this list in case anyone else would like to follow the development!


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