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Rakdos Creature Based Sacrifice in Pauper. The plan is to use Fireblade Artist to deal large amounts of burn, or get Body Dropper large enough to kill someone by combat damage, or throw him at your enemy's face with Rite of Consumption or Fling.

To get sac fodder, Doomed Dissenter, Grim Initiate, and Mogg War Marshal all die and create tokes (Grim Initiate Amasses, but tokens are sacrificed quickly enough it wont matter, and Mogg War Marshall creates a 1/1 Goblin creature token upon entering).

Hissing Iguanar is also included as a secondary burn option.

Flameblade Artist/Hissing Iguanar - burn Body Dropper - big damage boi Doomed Dissenter/Grim Initiate/Mogg War Marshall - sac fodder Shred Memory - tutors for Body Dropper and Flameblade Artist (possibly sac fodder in a bad situation i.e. Mogg War Marshall)


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