This deck was originally built for a budget challenge my playgroup and I did together. I created a sideboard of non-budget cards so I can play a roided up version of Kros against stronger decks. With the budget sideboard I can nerf my own deck when playing against other budget players.

View the 45$ budget version of this deck here

Goad, Tap, Swing for Infect, Fog, Proliferate Repeat

Kros, Defense Contractor allows you tap and goad your opponents creatures whenever you put a counter on them, which creates an easy in for infect.

While my opponents slowly accumulate infect counters they will be forced to attack each other instead of me.

The deck is filled with so many ways to tap all the creatures on the battlefield with cards like Ensnare (cast on prior turn end step at instant speed) or ways to only tap target opponents creatures with cards like Sleep effectively making infect damage nearly unavoidable. All of the tapping, goading, and infect will be pretty frustrating for my opponents so be prepared to be archenemy when playing this deck.

In the rare chance that an opponent does swing at me I’ve included a few fog effects as-well to buy time.

This decks biggest weaknesses are non combat damage spells/effects and life loss spells/effects


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