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pie chart *UPDATED* Budget Standard Turbo Fog!




This is a standard turbo fog to bring to your creature based FNM meta game :D +1 if you like it :D

This deck is ridiculously budget, AND it has terrific records at my FNM.

The goal of the deck is to hold off until you get a Rites of Flourishing, and when you do, you should either ramp into another to accelerate you more, or get enough mana out to Increasing Confusion your opponent until he can't draw and loses. Reclaim is here to bring back anything you may have to discard or lose somehow, and flashback on the Increasing Confusion provides double pain against your opponent, who should already have trouble because he/she is drawing too much from the Rites of Flourishing. Elixir of Immortality prevents you from milling yourself as well as protecting yourself if for some outrageous reason you do not have a Fog effect in your hand!


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So I made some NON-PERMANENT changes to the deck in terms of where it is headed. I greatly appreciate how much feedback the deck has gotten and how great people's support for it is. I mainly reworked the sideboard after experimenting with it a little, and I changed the mana base and some cards to experiment with. If you want the original version let me know. Also I want to know what everyone thinks of the third Increasing Confusion i added. I was thinking it could help and I am going to test with it, but if all else fails I am just going to go back to the last version. Again thanks for the support and hopefully we can see this in the Top 8 somewhere!

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