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Turn 3 twilight prophet with ascend activated!

Standard* Aggro Lifegain Tokens Vampires


Land, Legion's Landing  . 3 permanents

Land, two Cartouche of Solidaritys. 8 permanents

Land, swing in with 3 the two warriors and the vampire and flip legions landing, play Twilight Prophet 10 permanents.

Obviously it is not going to happen very often like this. Much more often it will be active turn 4 or 5.

fun interactions

If we get lucky and reveal dusk off of twilights ability we drain the opponent for 9!!!

Without getting lucky we can use forerunner to put our champion of dusk on top of our library to drain for 5

the toolbox

It probably looks odd having finishers as 1/2 ofs. Thanks to forerunners I expect this to become the norm in certain tribal decks vampires of course being one of them. We can tutor whichever card suits the current situation while almost never drawing it in place of the fast start. For example: we are faced with a board of creatures while we have vonas Hunger or dusk in hand. We should obviously tutor elenda for extraordinary value

Why does our removal work so incredibly well? Multiple reasons.

  1. We run 4 sacrifice effects, and it is common practice to sacrifice the low power creatures so when we Dusk it hits all the strong creatures they decided to keep and none of ours :)

  2. Dawn brings back every one of our creatures except champion of dusk

  3. Trial of ambition is recyclable because of our cartouche of solidarity.

There is probably room for improvement so Id love to here all thought through suggestions! Plz upvote if you like the idea.

My questions to you

Please answer in the comments below

Is the toolbox idea good or overly janky?

Is there a better land base to support orzhov token/aggro?


Updates Add

I got the deck assembled! I had to proxy legions landing and was down one twilight prophet but it ran pretty good none the less. I played two matches against the same person.

2-1 against an infinite combo deck using frilled death spitter, heroic intervention, forerunner of the empire, and raptor hatchling. I won game one easy. Game two he managed to somehow assemble the combo out of nowhere and win on turn five. And game three was another easy win. It was a super awkward match up especially since I don’t have my sideboard assembled and all my opponent’s creatures were 1/3s, 0/4s, 1/1s and so forth so my dusks didn’t work but I had them in hand none the less.

2-1 against red black treasure. I should have won 2-0 but I was sloppy.

Overall I was happy with how the deck functioned. My biggest complaint is there was not enough card draw to help with land drops and counter balance the forerunner’s ability that ensures you don’t draw land. Because of this I will try dusk legion zealots to get some cards flowing.


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