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Well here we are, a rogue brew I guess you could call it but this is a 4 colour rat midrange deck that I like to think abuses pack rat and havengul lich, just a bit mind :P

So what is the plan, well turn one deathrite shaman to punish control decks and reanimator decks then we would hope to accelerate turns 2-3 hoping to land a slum lord in there somewhere or a few pack rats then use the accelerated mana to kill all of their creatures and produce more of our own, drop a havengul lich and recast our dumped creatures.

Looking at the sideboard we have two options, either we can open the path to flashing in creatures in their turn with alchemists refuge in which case we bring in another havengul, 2 rakdos's return and 3 rancor. This plan is primarily anti-control. Hit them where it hurts, in their turn and straight to their hand then bash their faces off.

The other element of our control board options are golgari charm, these hit the decks that use supreme verdict BUT they also hit lingering souls pretty well and a few of the token decks running around, against blue white flash to punish resto angel we have 1 grull charm as well.

Against midrange we have a pretty free boarding set, almost all of our sideboard cards can be used here depending on the build.

So far this deck has been poxied and has won all but three of it's games, 1 loss to esper spirits, 1 loss to red deck wins and then finally a loss to wolfrun bant.


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