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So I'm getting tired of seeing everyone's "post-RTR Golgari deck" that translates into them just dumping all the leaked G/B cards onto a page. C'mon guys, there are a LOT of good pieces that will fit together with what's already out there.

Thus, I'm going to take a shot at building a deck that isn't JUST leaked cards.

The basic idea here is to drop a LOT of +1/+1 counters as quickly as possible and then run the opponent over. The real winner comes from pairing undying and Corpsejack Menace, who I would argue is the best Golgari card leaked thus far.

Wins can come in a variety of ways ranging from Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord sacking to wipe the enemy out, to Vraska the Unseen stealing a win (highly unlikely guys!), to a HUGE Primordial Hydra letting loose (or any big creature for that matter).

There's obviously a LOT of play here and I will be updating it as other thoughts come to mind.

Any comments or +1s are welcome.


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