Want to play a deck that doesn't exist anywhere else?

Want to remind people that graveyard order matters?

Want to fight with people about the legality of Mistmoon Griffin?

Then Pauper Living End is for you!

This deck is weird, but it actually totally works. You just cycle your big dudes, to fish up lands or just maintain cards, then you can early on throw out an Exhume to grab some big dude like a Jungle Weaver, or wait a bit and play one of your white spells, Mistmoon Griffin or Breath of Life.

There are some funky things you can do, too. any of the sacrifice effects, especially It of the Horrid Swarm, can be used to sacrifice a Mistmoon Griffin in order to bring up a dead dude and get mad value.

While setting up everything, you can use the kill spells and stuff to stay alive.

And after everything, there comes a point where you just start hard casting big creatures. Then recur them. Then recur them again. This deck plays the long game impressively well.

The sideboard is pretty straightforward, just bring in the hate that hates what you want to hate.


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