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Mono White Tribal Goats



For anyone wanting to surprise their local playgroup, here are the Goats!

A surprisingly effective deck built from a white devotion shell, which even has good match ups against some high tier modern decks!

The general strategy is to build devotion and remove your opponent's big threats with enchantments, and then unleash an army of goats with Springjack Shepherd to graze upon the corpses of your opponents.

Once your army of goats starts growing, you need only pump them up secure a win, or maybe sacrifice them to Westvale Abbey  Flip, because what is more flavorful than sacrificing goats to summon a Demon Lord?

Against creature heavy match ups, the lifegain from Soul Warden is usually enough to take you into the late game, where your can overpower your opponent with your army of goats.

Springjack Pasture is a surprisingly powerful land, letting you sacrifice spare goats to cast a few extra spells, or gives you extra goats when you have mana to spare.

Now when it comes to sideboard we have a lot of options!

Stony Silence and Sundering Growth against Artifact heavy decks, Relic of Progenitus and Rest in Peace against decks that use graveyards, Burrenton Forge-Tender against any deck that uses red creatures or spells to damage you, Chalice of the Void against decks with predictable costs, and Dusk//Dawn against decks that cast strong creatures. Luckily our creatures are mostly under 2 power so excluding the Flickerwisps and Eldrazi Displacers, we are safe from the board wipe.


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