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So I rethought my Mono B Control deck.

It was actually pretty good before, but I took out some of the discard spells to ensure that I'd have enough gas. I took out Phyrexian Obliterator, as I don't always get to four lands with Raven's Crime, and I think he's prevalent enough in the meta to force people to think about him, whether they've seen him from me or not.

Fulminator Mage often comes as a surprise in the MB, and I love when people have to read Nyxathid - a criminally underrated, in my opinion.

Still trying to decide one thing -- Dark Confidant or


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So this is the deck I've come to. The last pieces to fit in was Nantuko Shade, which I have found versatile and helps me spend mana in late game. It doesn't feel like a perfect fit, so I've still got my eye out for 2 drop creatures, but the discard package certainly feels right. I find most games I can curve up to a Nyxathid or Liliana with no problem, making them discard three cards on the way.

The sideboard feels 99% right too, with enough creatures to counter RDW/an agro deck, and options against others as well. I have found Spellskite helpful in a lot of situations; most recently, I realized it can be used to neuter Splinter Twin by changing the target of the copy that comes in to tap or untap Spellskite. Neat!

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