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After running into Esper enchantments (Doom Foretold) decks for the past week I realized there's a large pool of great enchantments currently available with little to no mass enchantment removal.

The outcome? A really killer Mardu control deck with almost all enchantments for it's permanents.

I've taken down every meta deck so far - Esper enchantments, Simic Flash, Zombieland - and won them all. The early game circles around the heavy amount of removal and life gain to control and sustain. Mid-game revolves around setting up impact cards such as Fires of Invention and Outlaws' Merriment . Then in late game the synergy of this deck really shines thanks to Divine Visitation and if needed Liliana, Dreadhorde General . Both also act as a win conditional.

Please note this is still a WIP and I'm working on solidifying how many of each card is needed for consistency (although it's quite consistent with a crazy high win-rate so far).


Some deck synergies:


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