Aggro Humans!

The Soul Sisters (Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant, & Auriok Champion) abilities all create life gain as other creatures enter the battlefield. Ranger of Eos fetches for Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant or Champion of the Parish to help rebuild the battlefield. The Soul Sisters are often capable of transforming Lone Rider  Flip the turn it's cast. First Strike, Lifelink, and Trample make a transformed Lone Rider  Flip difficult to block. Metallic Mimic, Champion of the Parish, and Thalia's Lieutenant have +1/+1 counter synergy with the deck's 36 Human creatures. Mikaeus, the Lunarch and Gavony Township place +1/+1 counters onto each other creature. Consistent +1/+1 counter production makes Abzan Falconer important to creating an often unexpected win condition because it gives Flying evasion to all creatures with counters. Path to Exile removes problematic opposing creatures from the battlefield. The mana base includes 8 Fetchlands for deck thinning and to help find Temple Garden to activate Gavony Township. The sideboard is built to combat various forms of Control, Burn, Artifact, Enchantment, or Graveyard strategies.


Updates Add

I removed Leyline of Sanctity from the Sideboard for a couple reasons. The primary reason was that Leyline of Sanctity really performs best as a 4-of but I did not want to devote that many of my Sideboard slots to just a few match-ups. Instead I added another Rest in Peace and another Pay No Heed. Both cards are great against a wider variety of match-ups than Leyline. Pay No Heed doesn't see much play in Modern (if any), however, its great, cheap tech against Burn, Bogles, Infect, and Scapeshift. Please note that Pay No Heed DOES prevent damage from multiple triggers of a single source in a same turn (ie Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle damage). The additional Rest in Peace will allow me to draw it sooner in the game against any strategy relying on the graveyard (Living End, Dredge, or Reanimator).

Finally, I replaced Make a Stand for Eerie Interlude. Both cards are used against the same match-ups (mainly Control), however, Eerie Interlude seems to have more upside as it takes advantage of all the deck's Enter-the-Battlefield triggers. Saving my battlefield from a board wipe and gaining life at the same time seems very advantageous.

I have included the deck's archetype breakdown below. Please note it remains the same as it did in the last update because I have not had much meaningful gameplay play lately. Hopefully that will be changing in the near future.

PS: I plan on taking this deck to GP Hartford in April 2018.

ARCHETYPE BREAKDOWN: Affinity: 2-0, Dredge: 2-2-1, Merfolk: 1-1, G/U Devotion: 1-0, Hatebears: 2-0, Jund: 2-0, Naya Burn: 1-0, Mono-Red Goblins: 2-0, Elves: 0-1, Esper Control: 0-1, Infect: 0-1, Jeskai Burn: 0-1, Scapeshift: 0-1, G/B Ramp: 1-0, G/R Tron: 0-1, Discard: 1-1, 5-Color Humans: 1-0, Lantern Control: 0-0-1, Grixis Delver: 0-1

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