Angry Omnath has a short temper.

This Elemental Tribal deck focuses on ramping out as many basic lands as possible to generate a win condition with Omnath, Locus of Rage.

The deck contains twenty-one spells with Landfall synergies that help create 5/5 Elemental tokens. Warstorm Surge, Where Ancients Tread, and Purphoros, God of the Forge produce devastating damage to opponents as the tokens enter the battlefield. Those tokens can be used as threatening attackers or sacrifice fodder to trigger Omnath's Lightning Bolt style effect. Five of the deck's fifteen removal spells are board wipes which become offensive plays when they destroy the Elemental creatures on the battlefield. Because the deck is capable of generating massive amounts of mana, X-costing damage spells provide alternate win conditions.

Overall the deck is both powerful and fun to play. Despite it's often slow start, it wins in explosive fashion.


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