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My first real MTG deck (Standard), on a budget without high-cost cards like Sublime Archangel, Silverblade Paladin, Godless Shrine, and Isolated Chapel (might add them later if I stick with this), so please critique it to the ground!

"Squeak squeak! Our master decided to put us back in because he loves us so much!


ATTACKERS (1 at a time w/ Exalted)

Aven Squire -- Although they're primarily here for their Exalted, their Flying allows them to function as an evasive attacker as well.

Fencing Ace -- Basically a cheap Silverblade Paladin. Might need protection with Faith's Shield.

Vampire Nighthawk -- Flying and Lifelink? Excellent. You want these guys summoned at turn 3 to be your main attacker. They could even be Deathtouch blockers against Flying if necessary, sticking around with Faith's Shield.


Typhoid Rats -- AMAZING Deathtouch blockers when protected with Faith's Shield. They can wreak further havoc with Tragic Slip if their Deathtouch procs.

Duty-Bound Dead -- Mainly here as an Exalted drop, they can also work as cheap 0/2 blockers early on. Their Regenerate has its moments later.


Knight of Glory -- He can also be an attacker or a Black blocker, and Faith's Shield works with him.

Knight of Infamy -- Can't be protected by Faith's Shield, but can get through White defenses or block against White.


Faith's Shield -- I love this card. It protects my low-toughness creatures against direct damage, allows single attackers buffed by Exalted to get through defenses. And of course, it protects against control.

Oblivion Ring -- Yay, control! It's one of my three ways to deal with enemy creatures primarily, and other permanents too if necessary. (I'll O-Ring your O-Ring if you O-Ring my Exalted-buffed attacker!)

Murder -- Yay, killing! Fewer defenses! Yay!

Ultimate Price -- Yay, cheaper killing! (when used against mono-colored)

Tragic Slip -- As I mentioned, this has great synergy with Typhoid Rats and Vampire Nighthawk.

NOTE: When up against decks that get stronger depending on how many creatures they have in their Graveyard, be more conservative with the previous three kill cards.

==SIDEBOARD== (currently incomplete)

Curse of Death's Hold -- Nice to deal with lots of weaklings.

Essence Harvest -- Great Lifesteal synergy with Exalted. Good to swap with the kill spells when against pesky Weenies or Zombies not worth the kill spells' costs.

Rest in Peace -- Basic anti-graveyarding card.

Rootborn Defenses -- Counter to sweepers and kill cards. Populate is kind of negligible since I'd probably only use it for another Exalted drop or another Typhoid Rats. (Thanks to user pumpkinsword for the suggestion!)

Safe Passage -- Similar to Rootborn Defenses, but prevents damage instead. Plus, itprotects the player. I'd run it alongside Rootborn Defenses. (Thanks to user user:2zacoly for the suggestion!)

Executioner's Swing -- LOLidunno


I'm still not too sure about my Spells. Originally it was more defensive with Gift of Orzhova and Essence Harvest, but now it's more offensive with Murder and Ultimate Price, with Faith's Shield for defense. I'm not too fond of Auras since they restrict flexibility in who I want assigned as my Exalted-buffed attacker; if my Aura-enchanted attacker is destroyed, and he's the only real attacker in play, that Aura just becomes a waste in the deck. I may drop a Faith's Shield and Murder in favor of 1 of each Knight of Glory and Knight of Infamy.

My Maybeboard consists mostly of cards that I've swapped out in favor for others, and I'm just keeping them around for reference.

Thanks in advance!


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